Friday 2 September 2011

7th July to 14th July

Going on with my summer holidays......
 I loved taking photos of spiders and insects in general this summer.
I loved having my breakfast coffee with hubbie.
 I loved looking at the neighbour's flowers. I admit I have no green fingers.
 I loved finding seaglass even a little bit.

 This worm was almost like a long green sea glass piece.
 I loved looking at people and things through different perspectives like the little mirrors on my summer dress.
 Sometimes I found great sea glass pieces,even a bead.
 I loved sitting out on my balcony.
 Or on the grass at the deck chairs.
 This spider had a special zip closing at her web.
 I found some special stones,this one with the antilope and the other one with the ear stuck on it.
 I loved eating this caramel ice cream cake at my son's friend's 16th birthday.
 I loved watching the horizon at the sunset.
 I loved cooking gemista(stuffed peppers and tomatoes).That's a before and after pic.

 I loved reading books at the beach like this Kostas Pretenderis funny book.
 I loved finding messages on the beach made by happy tourists.


Edgar said...

I am loving your pictures - Thanks!!!

Seamaiden said...

I second that emotion!!! Thank you!!!