Sunday 16 September 2018

September Gifted Gorgeousness 2018

So September is here already and schools have started.
The weather is amazing to spend by the sea but unfortunately we can't as we have to be in the city working and looking after mum so no sea!
I haven't stitched much to show you.
But first what's Gifted Gorgeousness?
It's the brain child of talented Jo of Serendipitous Stitching where we show anything we have stitched which was gifted to us or anything we stitch to give as a gift.
So this month I mostly stitched on my Karaghiozis  piece which will be added to the collaborative work lots of Greek stitchers are contributing to. I will probably concentrate more on this in winter.
 I also made a sea glass felted stone to gift to my friend Eleftheria on our trip to Lesvos island.
Eleftheria lives on beautiful Molyvos (Mythemna) village which is amazingly built on a cliff overlooking the sea!

 This month I received a glow-in-the night white thread from dear Jo in order to finish my Halloween Happiness piece. I haven't stitched it yet but since it is a little only I am hoping I will soon have it finished in time for Halloween! This pattern was a giveaway win from Jo and the fabric from Brigitte.
And I also received another giveaway win this time from Kaye of Kitten Stitching! Now you know what I will be stitching for Christmas this year. Kaye added some extra gifts!Thank you so much!
But there are some other things I want to show you in this blog post too.They are cross stitch and embroidery related.
We spent four days on Lesvos island with my husband in August. A beautiful big green island  with so much to see.
I spotted an old embroidery shop in Mytilini, the capital, covered in embroidery pictures.

 In the Agiasos Church of Virgin Mary there is a small byzantine museum. Here are some embroidered pieces.

 In the Agiasos Folk Museum I also potted these.

 I also want to show you these pottery items. I have bought both of them at charity bazaars at the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art. They are made by a Lesvos island clay artist called Vanio and she has painted them with cross stitch patterns.

Finally here are some vintage craft magazines from the 80s and 90s. Some of them I gave to a friend of mine who will definitely make more out of them than me.

 Hope you have  a great September.See you next month!