Sunday 16 June 2019

June Gifted Gorgeousness

Hello everyone! Hope you are already in a summery mood!

GG or else Gifted Gorgeousness, Jo's of Serendipitous Stitching brainchild continues.
This month I didn't stitch at all! Oh yes, unfortunately!
But I received a gift which I'd like to show you.
It was a thank you gift from Mia Craftartista! Thank you so much Maria, this is so sweet of you!
 And here's a recent find at a flea market which I couldn't possibly pass. A whole cross stitched runner with beautiful colours, lots of silver in it too, and dark velvet all around. It is in excellent condition and bought it very very cheap. So this will adorn my big dining table in winter!
(the photo contains the rest of my flea market finds. A book, a Mdina Glass vase from Malta and a new handmade hair ribbon made by my friend Katerina of Mindspinfabrica)
Nothing else to show you! Hope you enjoy summer!

Saturday 1 June 2019

Let the people choose-June-Mermaids

Hello everyone!
On the first Saturday of each month I take part in Let the people choose, one more of Jo's of Serendipitous Stitching brainchildren!
This month the theme is mermaids, such a great theme as I love summer, the sea, mermaids, sea world and sea glass!
What can I show you to stitch about mermaids?
There are some free patterns that I'd love to stitch one day.
First this mermaid by Alita Designs. You can find it here.
(photo taken from Alita Designs site)
Second this little mermaid by the Snowflower Diaries.
(photo taken from the Snowflower Diaries site)
Third a HAED free pattern.It is called The shell maiden. It would be a dream to stitch this one. Only 24 pages of pattern but I love it!
(photo taken from Heaven and Earth Designs, page)
Now apart from these there are lots more mermaid patterns that I'd love to stitch one day.
I have even bought two second hand ones from a fb destashing page. One is of the Mirabilia mermaids.The enchanted mermaid.
(photo taken from the Mirabilia page)
 And I also bought a Satsuma Street mermaid. Which if I ever stitch it it will be on white or light blue fabric and not dark blue or black as the original.
 But what I must definitely show you is this pattern which was gifted to me by dear Laura of
 The Little Stitcher.
She creates beautiful patterns so you have to visit her etsy 
I stitched  the pattern and added it on this fabric bag which was a gift from a friend and it had a shop advert on it. Doesn't it look lovely? Thank you Laura!

You can even find a free mermaid pattern on her site. It is called The guardians of the sea. I have stitched this many a time and have given it as a gift to sea glass friends.
(photo taken from The Little Stitcher blog)
Here are mine.

Finally I'd like to show you some mermaids paintings from a recent exhibition I went to. The exhibition was organised by the Northern Greece Painters Association.(SKETBE).
The first mermaid with lots of glitter on it is by Penelope Kapetanoudi.

 The second which maybe is not a mermaid but still very beautiful is by  Mary Keremidou.
 Look at all that detail!
  Finally this one by Pelagia Lehou. I love how the sunlight enters the water on her.
 Hope you enjoyed my Let the people choose post! See you next time!