Monday 1 July 2013

Happy Summer!

I hope you will have a great summer!
Ours is bound to be really hot due to the continuous financial and political crisis, the unemployment and the many problems people are facing in Greece!
Still the blue sea, the open skies, the sun and nature are ours to seek, feel and dream with! For better days!
I won't be blogging much during summer!
I will hopefully swim a lot to get my strength and rhythm back...
... and I will definitely read books!

Here are the 20 books I managed to save all through winter from bazaars, exchanges and second hand bookstores.
I will take lots of pictures to fill lots of blogposts in Autumn!
I hope also to do some cross stitch as Barca didn't allow it in winter. I will add some more felted stones to my collection (whether they will be sold or not!)
Hopefully we will play a lot with Barca!(Here at her first swim!)
And meet friends and relatives!(If people are fortunate enough to have money to spend on travelling!)
Of course I will be spending hours sea glassing!And here I leave you with a picture of what I will probably be looking for all summer!I miss the U!Or something matching!
Have a great summer!

When roads meet

Happy month of July every one!
As I won't be blogging for some time due to the holidays I wanted to wish you a great summer with this blogpost!
The weekend before last I had the chance to meet with some of my old students.Our roads met again. And while you are reading why don't you listen to this great song?

Those children were my pupils when they were 6th graders and I was only on my second year of the State School sector.
Their school Lianovergi was quite far away from home and I had to take the train or the bus to go there.
That's my class there infront of the school back in 1996.
The little naughty guy in front was the one who found me on facebook and arranged the meeting!
And here we are after 17 years.
Me and hubby (in pink T-shirt) and their class teacher next to me and some of the students. Not all of them could come but hopefully we will meet again soon and maybe more will be able to attend next time.
 Just us girls!
English teacher and pupils!
It was a great meeting! I am looking forward to meeting them again!