Monday 27 January 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese (4)- Ligourio

So just after finishing the tour of Mycenae we headed for Epidavros.
On the way we were admiring thousands of orange trees full of fruit.
And all of a sudden we passed in front of a Trojan Horse decorating an antique store! We had no time to stop though!

We moved on and we passed a small town called Ligourio and having done my study of its history and sights I decided I would love to visit its Natural History Museum, as I love visiting this type of museums.
Imagine how great I felt when we found it immediately as it was on the road entering the town.It is a small private museum that has amazing collections of ammonites and minerals.

 Fossilized shells

 and fossilized fish.
 A turtle head.
 Shark teeth.

 And lovely minerals.

 Look at those colours!

And hubby's mineral collage.
Hubbie's favourite mineral is tiger eye so he bought me a bracelet made out of tiger eye beads.(Not pictured)

Also insects and butterflies.
And lots of shells.
My favourite ammonite was this one found at the area which had amazing various colourful minerals inside it.

I had to buy a small ammonite. Not a local one. This one is from Madagascar and it is from the Jurasic period (208-152.000.000 years ago) Isn't its age unbelievable?
(Don't mind some photos that are sideways, I couldn't manage to turn them correctly for some reason!)

Sunday 26 January 2014

Rain, sunshine, snow!

Or how the weather in Greece has become "British"
Yesterday started with heavy rain. When it stopped the sun came out so we decided to walk at the sea front.
It was beautiful!

 Of course we had to stop at our beloved Zongolopoulos umbrellas!

 Seagulls were having fun!
 I took postcard photos of our landmark the White Tower.
And of the Statue of Alexander the Great!
There were hundreds of people walking.
This guy was singing beautifully. He was from Ireland I think.
 His umbrella shone in the sun light!
 It was fun taking photos contre lumiere!

While returning to the umbrellas I spotted someone putting something in front of them.
 He was a local artist selling souvenirs that depict the umbrellas.
 I had to take photos.

 And I also bought the colourful ones on the top picture. They had to be colourful!

In the evening during and after our performance it started snowing.
And this Sunday morning we woke up to this. Ok it isn't much. But it is our first snow this year!And it is very very cold!

 Barca had to try the white cold snow!And she seemed to like it!

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