Monday 31 March 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese (15)- Argos

I know I have tired you with all this trip to the Peloponnese! This is the last installment, chapter 15.But it was such an impressive trip.
On the 3rd of January 2014 we left beautiful beloved Nafplio to go to Athens.

On the way we passed through the town of Argos.
 We didn't visit the museum as there was no time.
 We only went inside the cathedral of Saint Peter.

 We then went up a snake road to Larissa Hill to visit the castle of Argos.
 The view was magical with the sea in front of us.
 The castle though was disappointing as it is just a couple of walls and is being renovated for a long time now as we were told.

 We were so high up, the air was so fresh.

And that was the last photo I took of the Peloponnese.

Sunday 30 March 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese(14)- Bourtzi castle

So we went towards the harbour thinking of a place to have lunch after all that walking and visiting museums and seeing things. It was too much to absorb.
Reaching the sea we realised there were little boats visiting the Bourtzi castle which is the landmark of Nafplio, a little fortress inside the sea that was a prison, a hotel and now an empty sightseeing destination but too beautiful to miss. As the boats don't go in winter I was very very happy to see them going at that time, probably because the sea was so calm and the day was sunny and bright!Or maybe just because we were there!
Go to this link for a virtual tour of Nafplio. Go to the little dot in the sea for Bourtzi.
This link for a virtual tour of Nafplio is a great link to see the whole of Nafplio and read about it and its sights.

 You reach the little island in a couple of minutes. The views of Nafplio across are gorgeous.

 It is rather small inside.

 Don't you feel like you are on a ship here?

 And after 20 minutes the boat leaves so you have to say good bye.

 We then had a late lunch, early dinner.

 Walked a bit more.

And went to sleep as we had to leave Nafplio early the next morning.