Saturday 24 September 2011

Have a great weekend!

I had decided to do really as much work as I could for school today! And like some of my little students
I postponed working to ...a) have morning coffee and fried egg bread with hubbie and my girlfriends and
b) wash all curtains, dry them and hang them back!
But in the afternoon and evening I managed to a) prepare my homework for the week and
b) do some research on my Lesson Plan for my seminar essay!
I had an idea about the Lesson plan ( I will  present it after I have reported it to my tutor after the deadline, sorry!) based on an old book I had. I worked on the powerpoint presentation of it and on the exercises that will accompany it! And then I had a look on the Internet and found lots of other ideas about it but most of them are not for the level of students I want but anyway it was good to see that yet again I am not the first one in the world who chose to work on this theme!
By the way here are a couple of photos of a recent purchase.
My dear Sonia made new things on her shop so I got a little something too (as much as I can afford at the time).
Aren't these linen pillows beautiful? They are filled with lavender and have made my lingerie drawers smell wonderful! Of course Sonia added some great extras!Thanks! You can find the Cozy Homemaking blog and shop here.

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