Monday 19 September 2011

Last special pieces of sea glass for this summer.

 This rather big foot looks like a statue foot that's why I really like it. I found it this summer.
 This is a collection of my latest finds and these below are the best pieces.
 Among them you can see a tiny yellow which is my first yellow from my beach.A blue button, a big pink....
 The blue button is round on the other part.Half a broken glass bead.
 My most amazing find is not sea glass. It is a stone that probably fell off a ring or a pendant which I found in the sand. I don't know what stone it is though. Can anyone help?

 The white and blue is also half a broken pottery bead.
 A black wooden bead.
 An eye! No, just a perfect oval white with the blue button on top.

Most of these finds were found while sea glassing on my beach with Barbara my sister-in-law. She brought me good luck and she got the sea glass bug too. Here are her finds.She even found a rare golden amber bottle neck.
Barbara's finds.
 That golden amber bottle neck.
 And a strange little green.

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Pesky Cat Designs said...

Wonderful sea glass finds! You really have an eye for finding some beauties!