Monday 25 August 2014

Back at last!

YES we are back! We returned from the States on July 30th, went straight to the sea and returned yesterday to the city!
So where to start? Oh I don't know!
And there are so many things to do that were left behind. And so many things to tell you about our trip!
But first things first!
We are in the city before the school year starts (on the 1st September) because we are rehearsing to take part in a theatrical competition of amateur theatrical groups with "Griothesia" our adult play.
We will take the play to Orestiada and hopefully we will do well.
Any local friends come and see us on Thursday evening!
It has been 15 years since the festival started.This year it is dedicated to Zoe Laskari.
You can find the whole programme of the festival here. I borrowed the photos from their site.
These are the judges!All very well known actors and actresses.
And these are photos of the 6 plays which were chosen out of 34 to take part in the competition from all over Greece!

Wish us good luck!
I will start posting blogposts about our trip as soon as I make files of our 8000 photos!!!!!!!!!!!