Sunday 9 October 2016

In September

By now you must have understood dear readers, followers and friends that I have become very lazy with my blog.
It all has to do with the new school year and my effort to do other things away from the computer. So one thing is I don't spend much time on facebook, or reading blogs and I have left my own blog in neglect.
But I had this thought.
Maybe I could just write a blogpost about the whole month of September and see how it goes.
This way you will know what I have been up to during the month and I will keep a track of my whereabouts as a diary.
So let's see.
September started by the sea......
We spent a weekend at the beach house as we had to change the wooden balcony deck outside the bedroom. It's been more than 10 years so the sea and the weather have been rough on it.
We swam of course,
I took nature photos

and we also went to Neos Maramaras to taste some amazing ice cream at Flavours' House.

In September of course schools started and I must say I am fine with it as unlike last year I really got some rest this year.
School started and as our school grew bigger I have no English classroom this year. Although I am sorry about it there was no other way. This year we have a few new colleagues. One pf them really likes making things so here is something she furnished her classroom with!Isn't she amazing?

In September there were works in our street that didn't let us sleep for a while.
At some point and when it rained a lot one day the street was in  "deep" trouble! That's one of my chairs that had been staying too long in my balcony!I am glad it saved  some lives!Or cars!The water there was knee deep!
In September we went to the opening of To Oreon Depot (Beautiful Depot), a traditional bistro,
and there was an art exhibition there too.
A new statue was put in our neighbourhood too.It depicts Queen Olga after whom the avenue is named.A bit of controversy was caused by this.
And then in just one weekend we went...
to the International Trade Fair where we spotted various things like this horse made of discarded metal pieces.
Manolo the pirate doing magic tricks...
The whole Barca team (in paper)

and Aris the tiger, hubby's favourite team mascot!
We visited the Secret Worlds of Evgenios Trivizas.

and I hope we will visit this place again with school one day!
We also visited Cheap Art where I bought a Nikos Vavatsis painting. Nikos is the brother of my ceramics teacher GeorgeVavatsis. I always wanted one of Nikos' paintings and Cheap Art exhibition is absolutely the great chance to buy good paintngs in a very reasonable price. I wonder why I didn't do it the previous years!

I also met Eleni Kastrinogianni aka Coocoovaya, two of her paintings I already have! It was great meeting her!
There were so many beautiful pieces of art there and I would have bought more but I couldn't of course! I would have loved one of those embroidered pieces accompanied by vintage porcelain in an acrylic box!

These are altered books.

And I loved all those sewing machine made fish!
After the International Trade Fair we went to Serres for the opening of Alex and Ellie's new office Fold Your Design. Alex is hubby's son. He and his girlfriend created a lovely multispace where you can have architectural and computer design as well as art workshops. I stitched their logo for their new place!

We had to return to the city after the opening as my niece was becoming a Godmother! She was gorgeous in her dress and the baby is so sweet!
It was my nameday on that day and my mum brought me roses so we went out for lunch after the christening.
In September we walked the seafront alot again and in all kinds of weather.
After the rain....

...and in sunshine.
We also enjoyed coffee at the waterlilies pond cafe

where Barca made a new friend!

In September we went to the Flea Market and Street Food SKG.. Although I loved what my crafters friends had there for me it wasn't really a flea matket but mostly a crafter's market! Anyway it was great going there too.
Look at Lia's of meandmamacreations cross stitch brooches and vintage plates as well as Angeliki's of pocoloco bookmarks and felt items.

Here's Lia with her mama's lovely shawls!
On the way back from the flea market we saw the International Chefs Conference parade!
On another Sunday we went to see a shadow puppet performance by Odysseas Kanlis which was very good (don't mind my blurred photo)

and was surprised to see the paintings at the theatre lobby.
They are all actors and actresses from Greece and abroad!You can see more of the photos at the previous blogpost!

The last Sunday of the month I went to Koumbi coffee and crafts cafe to make hama beads fridge magnets for charity, a workshop organized by Anna of In My Closet and Anthi of Koumbi.
Look how many beautiful ones we made!
Afterwards we were invited at a friend's place for dinner. Look how beautiful his patio is. He made all that himself!
In September we also visited Tettix art Gallery to see an art exhibition by an old friend
Alexandros Dimitriadis. He used to be an Art teacher in my school. Alexander is really talented and has finished both the painting and the engraving schools of Art in Thessaloniki.

It was great to see Alex again after so many years.
In September it was the first meeting of our Teachers' Association Drama Club, too.
After reading the new play we went out for dinner.We always have fun with them!
During September I read Tearose by Jennifer Donnelly which I liked.
Elena Akrita's The apple came from Paradise which I didn't like.
And Burial Rites by Hannah Kent which was amazing. These three were numbers 35,36 and 37 of my #readathon16 So Little Sleeping and So much Reading challenge.
I also stitched abit. I decided to stitch as much as I can on Stitch Along Joyful World Snowflower Diaries piece and managed to finish May and June.

I stitched the Fold Your Design logo as mentioned earlier.
Barca was always nearby!
And I stitched Amelie as a gift for a friend who looks like her so much! I found the pattern on pinterest.

In September I received a surprise parcel by Marie Anne of L'atelier de Marie Anne. Thank you so much dear, your decoupaged pieces are so beautiful and will surely read the book.
I also received these handmade jewelry pieces made by the talented sweet lady of Finofimo.
Last but not least I recieved this beautiful mixed media painting by Rena of Diaheiros.
Now that I see all of it I realise I did so many different things during September and really had fun! It was a good month! I know wonder if this blog post is too big for someone to read and enjoy!Do you prefer shorter blogposts?I'd like to know! Thanks for reaching the end!