Wednesday 29 February 2012

Carnival days

We don't usually have the chance to go to Carnival parties any more. When my son was younger I used to take him to Carnival birthday parties of his friends. And years back I used to get dressed even at school to amuse my students.
Well this year we were invited at a Carnival party the evening after the performances finished. It was a party organised by our play director and her other amateur drama team. We only had to take some drink or snack so we took some sweet red wine,my favourite, and some crisps and went dressed into what else our performance clothes. We didn't have anything else anyway.
I was the red hen and hubby was the pig!LOL!
We had fun, danced a lot to songs of our times of youth,disco etc. That was fun!

 Dancing to the rhythm!

 "There is money;come and get it!"George Papandreou

 The vine!An excellent costume.

Monday 27 February 2012


As my readers probably know I am an amateur actress apart from teacher. I belong in Dithyramvos ex Amaxis, the Teachers' Association Drama Club of Thessaloniki.
Every year we mount a play for children and do various others performances, book presentations etc.
That needs lots of rehearsals that we do twice a week. And of course our only satisfaction out of this is our joy during acting.
This year two members of the team Afrodite Ioannou and Ioanna Katsarou wrote a play for us. "Koutornithia" is the land of silly hens. They are happily living in a modern egg production plant but they are not aware of what happens to their eggs which vanish every day.
One day a strange bird lands in their place and they want to throw it out as it is different from them. But the bird helps them to realise what they are and the dirty pig explains why their eggs vanish.
It is a funny play with lots of messages about industrialisation and racism. We acted the play twice a day for schools for a week (20th-24th February) and on the 24th we acted a third time in the evening for the public.
The play was directed by our fellow teacher and actress Vana Vourtsaki.
Here are photos from the performances.You can see more photos here.
Me, the red hen Pardalo with the pig,my hubby!
 One of the geese and the unknown bird, a hoopoe.
 The whole group together.
 The red hen.
 The cat the policeman.
 The forgetful hen.
 The new rooster and the no-eggs hen.
 The knowall turkey.
 The journalist mouse.
 The orange hen.

 The red hen with the mole.
 Marianna did my face painting. Students from the Beautician's Faculty always do their practice with us.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Frieda was here!

I am so glad when Frieda, my sea glass friend from Skiathos visits her sons who study in my city.They happen to live in my neighbourhood; this way Frieda and I have the chance to meet and do things together.
Frieda is such a crafty person, she made me these Greek drachma fridge magnets, a crocheted purse out of supermarket plastic bags and also she baked these traditional windmill speculaas biscuits and put them in this lovely Dutch tin box. They are absolutely tasty. I hope she will put the recipe on her blog.
 While Frieda was here we went to IKEA together and for a walk at second hand shops.We bought some books there.
We also went to the theatre and watched Madame Soussou by Dimitris Psathas.

That's the new Municipality building of my city which we passed on our way to the city centre. It is decorated with a kite as it is Carnival time here.
 We had coffee out together.
 She also came home for coffee and at a family meal where hubby cooked the tuna fish she brought us from her island, fished by her husband.Hubby marinated it in dill and mustard sauce and cooked it in the oven. It was great!

 I made cous cous with shrimp and cabbage and carrot salad.We had a good time.

 I made Frieda a small gift,too. I cross stitched the symbol of her project on Skiathos island, the Green Fox.She and her friends have started this project a year ago trying to collect and send away to the recycling factory all the plastic water bottles used on the island.Here is their blog The Green Fox of Skiathos.

I used this site on the net that changes pictures into cross stitch patterns.
I really enjoyed my time with Frieda. I hope we will meet again soon.

Sunday 19 February 2012


On Thursday when the Carnival starts in Greece it is common for children to dress up. We did a small celebration at school too.
My first and second graders made masks!

 Butterflies for the girls...
 ....and frogs for the boys....
 Aren't these colours wonderful?
 And this little Minnie?
 More butterflies...
 The Physical Education teachers organised traditional dances with the Maypole.

 and some colourful tubes were played too.

Thursday 16 February 2012

My Godson's birthday!

We went to my best friend Gia's house last week to celebrate my Godson's birthday!
Here are a couple of photos from the birthday!
My Godson danced around as Michael Jackson!

 We took photos of each other!
 The strawberry birthday cake was fantastic!
The children gathered all around hubby to see shadow puppets!

 The view from their new house is fantastic too!

 Gia and me!