Thursday 27 November 2014

Our trip to the U.S.A.(13)- 4th of July Festivities.

As I was saying in the previous U.S.A. post the fourth of July had heavy rainfall due to hurricane Arthur so we spent it inside two local casinos and it was fun.
The next day was a glorious day! And we did what we were supposed to do the day before. Celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, the American Way.
First relatives and friends started coming to my friend Marabeth's house.
It was fun meeting them all!
We started decorating the golf cart with which we would be going to the parade.
 We all got decorations on us too!
 Sashta waited patiently for us to finish the decorations.
 Don't you love that tutu on the baby's dress?
 Lots of decorations....
 And we put our American flag T-shirts on that Marabeth gifted us with.
 Then we walked to the beach admiring all the beautiful houses of the area.

 People started preparing for the parade.

And then it started with police cars in front.

 Classic cars.
And then golf carts.
 And then people walking.

And more golf carts. 

And we ladies were having fun!
And then the parade came back!
And there was lots of candy throwing!
 And games were played.
 And stones were painted.

 Here is mine.
And children played on the various games.
 And we made soap bubbles!

And the flag was everywhere.
 And people walked the beach.

And the views were excellent!

 I spotted footprints of various kinds!

 And this amazing specimen which was an empty shell so I took it.It is called horseshoe crab and it is considered a living fossil as its ancestors lived 450 million years ago.
 (Later washed and cleaned! Yes I took it to Greece!)
Some people were sunbathing and even swimming!

 And there was this man who was making amazing balloon creatures with his hands and lungs. I was impressed.
 He had a bag full of colourful ballooons.
 And look what he made!

And then we walked some more, spotting things around. Like this empty child's car who was probably somewhere playing.
 And beautifully painted mail boxes.

 And beautiful little summer cottages.

 And works of art in their gardens.
 And even funny little signs!
Till we arrived home and continued with our dinner preparations.

 And there were delicious appetisers.
And a great bouffet of food to which I had to add a Greek salad!

And there was  a great desert!
And people sat in the sun.
 And others played with their cute puppy pugs!
 And Ranger was cute too!
 And beautiful women fed babies and children played.
 And men did the barbeque.

 And other women chatted.And teenagers were on their mobiles of course!
  And then we played games.
So many grown ups, and children, and babies and dogs all together and no fuss, no noise, no trouble, no mums shouting, no children screaming, no dogs barking,only laughter and fun!It was lovely!
 And there was even a birthday girl!
 And in the evening there were fireworks everywhere but we chose to take part in the family fireworks.It was fun!

 Dear American friends Happy Thanksgiving to you all !
(To be continued)