Sunday 31 March 2013

Antique market

March is leaving us and tomorrow the 1st of April will be here.
I hope the weather will at last change to something more spring like.
We went one hour forward today which means an hour less sleep.And it is cold and rainy like it is in winter.
We managed to visit the Antique open market at the YMCA grounds today though.
The municipality did not allow the antique market to continue exhibiting once a month in our nearby park which we loved. So they moved to something less nature friendly, the grounds of the YMCA track field. Still there were lots of vendors but this time I bought almost nothing.There were things which were cheap but what I liked was expensive so no I didn't buy any glass things. Just a scarf.
So here are photos from the antique market.
Isn't that yellow lamp gorgeous?

 And this blue and yellow vase?
 Some records are so beautiful.
 And the embroideries too.
 I loved all those blue glass things especially the one at the back.

 Some records from my youth!

Dolls in a line.
 More old reacords.
 And jewelry.
 My favourite table, lovely cloisenne and porcelain and glass. That little purple vase I want and will try to have!
 Greek American friendship.
Then we had coffee with my brother ans sister looking at the rain pouring.
 And the one thing I bought. A crochet scarf or maybe it is a tablecloth but I will wear it as a scarf. I will add a button.It cost me one euro!

Saturday 30 March 2013

15 years ago

I can't believe dad left 15 years ago this day at 72. How time flies. I miss you dad!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

I am on Instagram!

I had to take assistance from my dear son and lovely niece yesterday to realise that Instagram works from my mobile and it is not something you start on your computer!And that you need a new phone that has Android! And that I should have Internet to do that!LOL!Don't laugh with my ignorance.
So my son started an account for me and showed me how it works. It is so lovely to be able to take pictures and not to need to upload them yourself but they go instantly to your facebook account.
Finally today I took a couple of photos and they immediately in some way or another appeared on my Instagram page and on my facebook page but alas I can't find out how I can put them on my blog like some bloggers I follow have done. Anyway a step at a time.
Bytheway if you feel like following me on Instagram my name there is ariadnesky and there is a button by the side of my blog too.
Now how can I put my Instagram photos here? Maybe try by saving them from Instagram and then copying them and pasting them here? Let's see if that will work!
No, after trying I tell you it does not work! So no photos today!
But I will add some from my flower collection!

Monday 25 March 2013

25th March long weekend

Long weekends have their beauties even though we don't spend them as we would like. In fact I wanted to be in Athens with my relatives but I couldn't go.
So we stayed at home.Ι decorated with what reminds us of the celebration.
I put the beautiful embroidery Marabeth had sent me on my big table.
I put the flag on the balcony.And the wind blew it beautifully.
I attended the school 25th March festivities and had coffee with my colleagues.

I cleaned up as usually. We had the week's two rehearsals.
We enjoyed a night out with the Drama club friends.
We had fun walking Barca on the sea front twice with the sun and the wind blowing.
She met with Luna, the neighbour's dog, and other dogs,too.
Spotted a left over kite tail hanging from the street light.

Long shadows.

We had coffee with my brother and sister.
It was fun watching the people going up and down the sea front in the sun.
And suddenly a pirate ship sailed by.
(Sorry both photos were taken from inside the cafe hence the window reflections)
And on the big Independence Day we went to watch the parade where we used to go for the last 40 years. But the new strict police measures made us walk far from home as people were not allowed to reach the parade near where the politicians and VIPs were. I was so disappointed.
The weather was cold and overcast and didn't change my mood. I was angry. Not to be allowed to go where I used to go to attend the parade for 40 years really made me so sad and angry.

There were some people demonstrating after the parade for the Cyprus crisis too.
I only managed to see very little of the parade.

And afterwards we had lunch at my brother's with all the traditional food of the day, fried cod and garlic sauce.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Glass world

Imitation sea glass to put in pots of plants.
Lovely purple dish with foot to put some chocolate for Easter.
Glass beads for my jewelry course.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Turn the lights on....

Photos taken at the seafront by the harbour of Thessaloniki in January during a coffee meeting with dear friends.

Monday 18 March 2013

Carnival is over

The only participation of mine at Carnival this year was at school where on Tsiknopempti we had a short celebration with traditional dances and some English songs too.
Head and Shoulders...and Hockey Pockey....
 For teachers too.
Today a long weekend is over.
On Saturday we walked Barca at the sea front. The weather was very cold and windy but sunny.

She can run free there and play with other dogs. So far she has played very well and bigger dogs respect her.
Sunday the weather kept sunny although very cold but we decided we should go to the beach house after so many months.
We enjoyed the last meat of the time as Lent begins on Clean Monday.
 Barca had her first time at the beach and she looooved it.
 I collected some beautiful sea glass but very little.

 And Barca helped. See that lovely bag Marabeth sent me to collect sea glass in?

 And I found that plant or sponge whatever it is.

 Flowers were blooming.

 But it seems the cold destroyed them on our trees.

 Today was different, very cold and rainy.
The open market in my street had very few vendors. Isn't it great to have the florist opposite your balcony?
The Queen of Sheba, aka Barca, was waiting patiently for her walk.

 We took our coffee and snack, lagana bread and halva, which are traditional for the day and went to picnic at the sea front.
We watched the kites fly or try to.

And of course Barca played with friends.