Wednesday 31 August 2011

On the fifth of July.....a double rainbow.

 the day started dark
 and firefighting aeroplanes passed over our heads
 it probably rained heavily somewhere near but we only saw the most beautiful huge double rainbow

Saturday 27 August 2011

Settling down...

After the first day's rain we settled down in the summer house.
Of course we started cleaning up but it was also a good chance to look around and see how the garden had changed.We also had some interesting encounters.
While having coffee on one of my deck chairs I noticed the game that shadows and light played,don't they look like butterflies?You can see the video of the game.
 I at once noticed the butterflies.
 And the flowers....
 and the herbs...
 and the neighbour's flowers....

 and the fruit trees.....

 It is so great eating fruit from one's fruit trees.
 And I also met insects who came to welcome me....
 and even a tortoise came......

 and the sunset view was breathtaking as always.....
 Goodnight little frog!
Shadow dance!

Friday 26 August 2011

I am back....finally!

I have at last come back my friends.
I know I haven't been good with my blog or sites that I follow or my e-mails but on the other hand I spent a peaceful, relaxing, away from the Internet summer and that's how I am planning to keep it in the years to come.
It does me good to be away and to do other things that I can't do in winter like reading books, swimming, seaglassing,meeting friends etc....
 I thought I would post some pics of the same theme but then I decided to just post pics as I took them chronologically.
I won't tire you with too many at a time. Just a few every day.
Don't forget schools start very very soon. Not too much free time till they do.
So while Canader planes are flying over my head trying to put out a fire in the forest around my city and having in my mind my friends on the East coast of the States who are waiting for hurricane Irene I will leave you here for today.
 July 3rd- a rainy day
 I studied for my essay writing.
 It rained and rained.
 A spider played around.
 Queen Ann's Lace.
 A purple blue flower by the beach.

 At least the day ended up into a beautiful sunset.
I really missed you all!