Saturday 26 April 2014

Shadow puppet performance.

Again a short post amidst heavy rainfall, for my local readers.
Tomorrow, Sunday 27th, in the morning at 11.30 at Alexandros cinema-theatre in the city centre we will be presenting "Karaghiozis and his best man", hubby's praised play that we presented in the Patras shadow puppet festival. You can read about it here.
The play is presented during a children's festival of 93.4 sto kokkino(in red), a local radio station.
Free entrance. Do come and say hi if you can!

Friday 25 April 2014

Project Bacchae

Yesterday evening we went to Alaca Imaret and attended Project Bacchae, a theatrical performance with Andreas Konstantinou, hubby's Godson.
It was an excellent solo performance on the work of Euripides Bacchae, a heartbreaking tragedy.
It will be on till Sunday for my local followers if you are interested to watch it.
Here's a link about it with critique on the play.
 Proud Godfather hubby with Andreas after the performance.
Andreas Konstantinou is the protagonist of Mikra Anglia that I talked of in this blogpost.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Easter weekend

First of all I hope you all had a great Easter holiday!
Also I would like to thank all those who leave comments on my blog. I cannot answer them personally as they are most no-reply bloggers like myself I know. Blame google+. But those who have blogs I usually leave comments on them so they can understand that I am reading their blogs but also their comments on mine. Again many thanks for your comments!
So here is what we did this Easter.
We went to our beach house on Saturday.
My first concern was my plants as we recently had an occurence on a neighbour's tree that some awful person destroyed.
I was happy to see my plants doing ok. I haven't got many anyway!

 And one of my neighbour's flowers. I love purple.
The weather on Saturday seemed to be changing all the time.
So after lunch I took a very long walk at the beach to collect sea glass.
 Here are some good pieces I found. A lovely orange tile!
 A very diaphanous piece!

 A yellow porcelain piece.
 A very dark green.
 A lovely round one!See the ant? I only saw it on the computer!Not while I was taking the photo!
 Don't you love that purple rope?
 And that wooden step?

 I bent to get this white piece and thought  I saw a green one behind it.
 And yes it was a huge one!

 And a coin!
 A 10 cent euro coin!
 I love my huge piece!

 The beach was absolutely deserted!All mine!

I returned home and sipped some coffee looking at the green fields.

 Then I walked around to get all the magestic sunset hues in!

  Barca accompanied me! I loved those two photos which were taken with no extra app or anything and they look as if I painted them with a brush effect!

 We didn't go to church for the Resurrection ceremony. We didn't want to leave Barca alone at the beach house as she is not accustomed to be alone here.Instead we went outside near the beach. We could here the bells and the hymns from the village church and the waves from the sea. The stars were all shining in the sky and all around the horizon we could see fireworks being thrown at the moment of Jesus resurrected! It was a magical moment!Much more a ritual in itself!
The next day,Easter Sunday, the family arrived. The sun shone. It was again a glorious day!
 And we ate some great dishes!
 After lunch me, my sister and my niece walked at the beach. But I forgot my camera!
On Monday Barca, hubby and I walked the beach again.We had to get rid of some of the calories of the day before.

 Barca insisted to swim!

 Look how strong the sea is in winter here.

 But so beautiful too!
There are lots of these flowers at our beach. At last I found out that they are called Sally-my-handsome or Carpobrotus acinaformis and they are very easy to transplant so that's my next aim to have some at my garden.
 I collected some lovely pieces again.

 And I collected some lovely wild flowers to take home!
 Hope you enjoyed my photos!
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