Friday 30 March 2018

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2018

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching organizes one more time this year the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop. That means we stitchers who take part in it show what we have stitched Easter or Spring related and we also display a letter. If you hop all around the blogs that take part in this Easter treasure Hunt you will decode the phrase and leave a comment on Jo's blog post.
Enjoy the blog hop and hope you find the phrase.
This whole Treasure Hunt motivates me to stitch Easter themed items like this Easter bunny which I found as a free pattern in the blog The World According to Agi.
I turned it into an ornament. I also stitched the egg from Kathrin's Blog.She gave the pattern for free.I also made that into an ornament.Finally I made a small Mill Hill beaded egg into an ornament too.I had stitched this egg a long time ago but had never finished it.
And here they are decorated in my IKEA tree along with my Metropolitan Museum of Art eggs!
As Spring is here too I must also show you the March bookmark that I also recently finished .This is a Bucilla kit I am stitching as a picture.

For this Easter and as I am trying to use things I have in my craft cupboard I decided to use a packet of styrofoam eggs, two boxes of pins and several boxes of beads(payette) I had got at an exchange.
I made and remade all the eggs until they looked as I wanted them.

The final look!
As the Orthodox Easter is a week later than the Catholic one I have not yet decorated fully and haven't painted my eggs for this year yet. Therefore this post is not complete.
But I will have to post it today and give you the letter I have so that you can solve the phrase Jo has put.
                                                          My letter is I.(That's an i not an l)

And the blog after me to go on is this lovely one!
                                                      Aimetu's Stitching
So why don't you all hop along!
Have a great Easter!

Thursday 15 March 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness March 2018

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching organizes a link-up party where we show stitch gifts we made to give or items that were gifted to us and are related to stitching and sewing.So on the 15th of each month we can link up to her blog. This is my first year taking part in this. Thanks Jo for the chance and the inspiration.
So from February 15th till March 14th I stitched...
the rest of the letters on my fabric book.The fabric book is a gift from Katerina of mindspinfabrica. I used leftover threads from various other projects.
 I added those paper and fabric ladies which I made them from an exchange kit.
 I also added fabric at the back of the stitched letters.
I want to add a video of me opening the pages of the fabric book but it is probably too big for blogger so maybe I won't manage after all.
I then continued with my flower bookmarks.This cross stitch kit by Bucilla was a gift from my friend Marabeth. I stitch one bookmark each month.
 So I finished February
 and started March.
 I also made a seaglass felted stone with lots of different beads for a friend.
 I stitched this beautiful cactus ornament from a kit sent to me by my friend Kim in England. It turned out lovely!

 I also made a bunny for Easter.The pattern was a free one from the blog The world according to Agi. She has lots of free patterns in her blog and they are beautiful but I especially liked this one. It's a great way to use up left over bits of thread.
 Then I finished the bunny as an ornament and made an egg from a free pattern from Kathrin's blog.I turned that egg into an ornament too. Finally I turned an older beaded egg which I had received as a kit from my friend Marabeth into an ornament too. I might give those ornaments away as gifts this Easter!
 Or I might put them up in my Easter egg ornament tree along with my Metropolitan Museum of Art Easter eggs.
I also kitted the next big project I am going to make. This is my husband's figure of Karaghiozis, the Greek shadow puppet theatre protagonist, which another stitcher turned into a cross stitch pattern using pic2pat free cross stitch pattern maker. I am going to stitch this for a huge piece of art that is a collaborative work and lots of stitchers will stitch pieces that commemorate the Greek civilization. I will tell you more about this later.
Something else I dealt with this month was these eggs which are beaded with some beads I had received at an exchange.
 I made them

 and then remade them for a better look.
Finally something I won as a giveaway from Jeremiah's Mum blog!Jeremiah himself chose me to win this!Thank you so much.These are two lovely patterns with charms.
 Although not all thinsg qualify for GG I think there are still a lot of them here. Thanks Jo for organizing GG once again.
Finally a giveaway from me. I have this pattern by Stoney Creek that I know I am never going to stitch so I would like to give it away to any one of my readers so if you would like it please say so and I will randomly pick a winner and send it along. Please no no-reply bloggers. I need to have a way to contact you.Otherwise leave an e-mail to me. Thanks.