Friday 30 May 2014

Cleo is back!

Just a short note for my blog readers!
Cleo, our neighbour's dog is back!
Yes, she came back all by herself early this morning and sat outisde our block of flats.
My mum went to drop the garbage at seven and found her. She immediately alerted her owners who went and took her!She was so scared and cold as it is wintery cold here now!
It's amazing, isn't it? Her nature and sense of orienteering brought her back!
I'd like here to thank every one for their sharing of my blogpost and facebook photos and my local friends who helped by searching around.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Spotting beauty around me....

It's raining heavily outside, the first storm of the season. So I thought of doing some chores!
Writing down grades, evaluating the University Students Practice, a little bit of ironing later!
At the same time my son is studying as yesterday the Entrance University Exams started.
So I thought of giving you some photos I have taken lately in random.
Some photos of sea glass.
Those are the best finds from the last time we were at the beach house accompanied by stones from Margie of Resurrection Fern and Lisa of lilfishstudios.
Here's sea glass brought to me from the island of Mytilene by my friend Dora.
Here's the poster of the American Horror Story (No I don't watch it.)
And that's the house in my neighbourhood used for the poster. It belongs to the Italian Government.
Some jelly beans we enjoyed recently.Great colours!

Some more poppies from the parks at the sea front!

Along with some handicrafts and poems written by little children on Mother's Day festivities.

The wonderful view of Thermaikos Gulf.
Photographic exhibition about the new sea front promenade in which I too took part!My photo wasn't chosen though but still I enjoyed seeing all the other photos.
The Golden Dome of Methodius and Cyril Church.
Poppies against a stone wall.

Looking up with my camera I spotted the line of an aeroplane. When I uploaded the photos I found a bee flying along,too!

Can you believe it that this field is just 5 minutes' walk from my house?
Coffee with relatives at the sea front cafe of the yacht club.

And a tiny dragon !

Monday 26 May 2014

So many little time!

As I have too little time to blog I will just give you snaps and short comments on things I have done the last couple of months but didn't have time to blog about so far separately!
So back in March,I visited this exhibition at Yeni Cami (New Mosque) near my house. Although the poster looked inviting, the exhibition itself wasn't interesting at all.

I went to the HobbyThess Exhibition too. I didn't find that one interesting either. There were strategic board games to see which do not interest me.

This innovation was interesting. It is made with a printing machine. Which of course is too expensive.

There were a couple of interesting artists.

But there was no need to pay a 5 euro entrance ticket to see just that.
Anyway the best part was the company of friends I went with and the coffee at Dendrospito (Treehouse).

I paid a visit at the Melissa Orphanage bazaar mainly because I wanted to see the building from the inside as it is in my neighbourhood too. Of course I had to support them by buying a couple of things.

Hubby presented a shadow puppet performance on a Sunday morning in April and we had to make the radio ad for it. That was a fun experience!

I especially loved Vangelis the gorgeous friendly dog they have at the Radio station 93,4 sto kokkino.

I bought a couple of books I want to read! I had never read Uncle Tom's Cabin before. It is excellent!
I had a couple of theatrical performances with "Griothesia", so I couldn't attend one of inmycloset workshops properly. But I did go for an hour, just to sip some coffee and eat some cake, to take pics and say hi to my friends there!
And it was the birthday of one of them so a fantastic cake was made by the talented ChristinaIna for  dear Ban Al!Happy birthday!

I was surprised to meet two of my former students from the Platy Primary School attending the workshop! They have grown so much!!!!!! Here we are with Vasia and Sophia!
And of course Anna of inmycloset made an amazing paper bowl and showed the technique! I have to make one for myself too!

You can read all about it here too.
Another thing I recently did was visit the International Thessaloniki Book Fair.
El Greco (Dominikos Theotokopoulos) was an honoured artist.

And Israel was the honorary country.

There were presentations like this one by Vangelis Iliopoulos, a writer I admire, whose book Trigonopsaroulis was a major success and was so loved by my son when he was little. It speaks about diversity, how a little strange triangular yellow fish comes among all the others. So good!
And there was a presentation by my Drama Club team,too.
Among the spectators one more of my former students, this one from way back, at my early career days as an English teacher, Vaso and her beautiful triplets!
Another thing I did for the first time in my city and really enjoyed was go to a spa for a hot therapeutical bath at Langadas Spa with the Drama club.

Of course we went both Sundays to vote for the municipal, area and Euro elections. Here is my son waiting patiently for his turn. It was his first time to vote.So proud of him!
I am rather satisfied with the results in general. I am also satisfied that so many people voted against the selling of the Water Services of our city!
Finally I went to one more Folk Museum bazaar. I love supporting handmade!
Hope I didn't tire you with all that. There are other things I did too but they were boring so I am not mentioning them!LOL!