Sunday 8 September 2019

Let the people choose-September-Bees

Hi everyone!
I never managed to do the August issue of Let the people choose as I was not in town and also didn't have anything monochromatic to show.
But September's theme is bees and I should have something ready but I haven't.
Still I am showing it to you as its theme is bees.
It is the summer kit by Craftpod .
I loved it although I haven't stitched it yet as I seem to be out of stitching mood. It will come back eventually as long as we will be entering cold, rain and winter, I guess.
Anyway Craftpod is a kit that comes out every four months. It is a surprise so you don't know what there will be in it. It usually has two things to make.
Here's the bees themed kit. There was a hoop embroidery  and a recipe.
 Let the people choose is the brainchild of Jo of Serendipitous Stitching and you can visit her blog and see more blogs participating in it.See you soon in the next GG.