Wednesday 31 October 2018

Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2018

Hello fellow stitchers and followers!
If you are here regularly then you know that Halloween is not in my stitching themes.
But last year I decided I really wanted to stitch something on the subject and I was lucky enough to win one of Jo's  of Serendipitous stitching giveaways.
It was Happy Halloween and I really loved it and stitched it.
It took me almost a year to do so LOL!I am a slow stitcher!
Jo even gifted me with the glow-in-the-dark thread for it.
So here it is !
How do you like it?
 Some details.

  I framed it into an old IKEA frame I already had.
 Here it is hanging on my kitchen wall along with other Halloween items I have.

And here you can see the glow-in-the-dark ghosts and moon and stars of the pattern in my poor photos. 

The Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop is an amusing way to spend sometime visiting blogs this Halloween and is organised by Jo again. 
You can find all the blogs here.
If you visit all the blogs gather the letters each blog gives and decode the secret phrase.
Then run back to Jo's blog to tell her the phrase. You have a week to do so.
It's fun! Also you may win one of her gifts.
If you leave a comment here on my blog about my stitched frame let me know if you would be interested in stitching Happy Halloween yourself. I will randomly choose one of the comments to send the pattern to anywhere in the world.
Since it was gifted to me I want to gift it too.
So please mention if you are interested in winning it!I will leave this open till November 7th.
 As you can see Barca my dog always helps me when I take pictures!
Finally the letter I was given for the phrase is the letter L. It's L like we say LEMON, LOL! I stitched the letter myself. I have made a whole booklet with the alphabet. You can read all about it here.
And now go to the next blog to pay a visit! It is the wicked stitcher!
Enjoy the blog hop!
Halloween hugs from me!

Tuesday 16 October 2018

October Gifted Gorgeousness and Let the people choose-October-Halloween.

Hello everyone!
Jo of Serendipitous Stitching has just launched something new. She asked us to vote which themes we would like to see in her blog every month and we voted.
The theme for October is Halloween, for November it is Birthstones and for December Dragons. You can follow along, stitch along and visit blogs that take part.
I think I will manage to take part from time to time so for this month October I am with the theme of Halloween

The difference between me and the other cross stitch friends is that we don't celebrate Halloween in Greece. I am a teacher of English though so I teach it at school. I even used to order stickers and things from abroad to surprise my pupils. The last couple of years shops do bring Halloween things in Greece too but still a Halloween cross stitch pattern isn't popular.
But I was lucky because last year I won Happy Halloween cross stitch pattern in Jo's giveaway and promised her and myself to stitch it till the next Halloween. Jo even sent me a glow-in-the-night white thread to make the white parts in the pattern
Therefore this blog post is a Gifted Gorgeousness blog post as well since the pattern, one of the threads and the fabric (I won it in Brigitte's Place giveaway-no blog anymore) were gifted to me.

So I managed to finish it and I am showing it to you.
 The details are lovely!

 I even had a great IKEA frame that matched the pattern.
 You can visit Jo's blog and see the rest of the blogs that have linked up in GG this month here.
Unfortunately I never managed to take a proper glow-in-the dark photo so I can't show you that.It probably needs a special lens!
Also I had serious trouble to photograph this piece as my assistant Barca was always on the way.
 Another GG item here is what I gift myself every season now. It is the Autumn 2018 craftpod kit. You can subscribe to craftpod for one kit or annually. I am so happy with my kits so far.
Here's the content of the Autumn kit.

I will show you what I made with the kit contents in my next GG blog post.
So again if you feel like visiting more blogs that take part in Jo's link parties you just follow the links!
Have a great rest of the month!