Saturday 28 February 2015

Gifts sent and received (in November and December)

Although I have become rather slow in writing letters I still send cards and parcels and other things around the world but also receive lots.
So here is a blogpost about mail I sent and received in November and December!
I sent lots of Christmas cards and received lots but I didn't take photos of them all.
But I did take photos of other mail I sent.
At some time in November I sent my friend Marabeth in the States a thank you gift.
I made her a Shutterfly photobook with photos from our trip.
I also made her a Shutterfly thank you card and I cross stitched her a card as well for her birthday.

Now here's the parcel I sent for the In My Closet exchange. Although I shared what I received (you can read it here) I never shared what I made and sent.So here it is.
I made a stone of course. And as Aliki of My Angels, My World blog loves white I made it in her favourite colour. I loved that stone, one of my favourites!
 Here's the rest of the parcel.
 I also made this little cute Christmas card in a box!

Here is a sea glass felted stone I made for my Etsy Greek Street Secret Santa Exchange and it went to far away Canada to my dear Stella of Inspirations by Stella. I also made her a sea glass pendant, both in her favourite colour turquoise.

I made this sea glass owl pendant for my dear Juliana in Scotland for Christmas. I used the owl charm that Erina Katerina sent me along with other supplies in the In My Closet exchange.
I received lots of Christmas cards.Here are the ones from my friends Annie and Stavros and Julia and Stratos in the States, Johanna in Finalnd and Christine in France.
This is a lovely gift from Andria, another friend in the States. She sent me this lovely card, and my name made with wire and a little parcel with her love. Don't you love everything?

More Christmas cards from Kerry in the States, Tua in Finland and Andrea in Trinidad&Tobago.
 I made this little green fox for my friend Frieda on Skiathos island. Frieda is trying hard to support The Green Fox of Skiathos recycling programme so I made her this little fox in green for her. I found this in Crafts Beautiful magazine if I remember correctly!
It was in brown so I made it in green for Frieda and added one of Erina Katerina's art supplies she sent me.

 Some time ago I had bought this emroidery from the destashing sale of Laura Lupin of
Bugs and fishes. So I put it in a hoop and it looked lovely for Christmas. Laura still has a destashing sale in her shop.

 I made this card for Anna's of In My Closet Christmas card competition. I used a bamboo box in which I had once received a gift in. Some washi tape.
Felt and felted cut outs I had bought at Xeirotexnika.
And some stitched wishes and a 2015 charm and some buttons of course!

One more stone I made in December.

I will make another blogpost about the Christmas cards I received (most came in January) and more mail and other things that I sent and received in the two first months of the new year!

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Our trip to the U.S.A.(21)- Mystic Pizza in Mystic town.

After the Aquarium we went to the beautiful little town of Mystic.
Look at this long limo!
 We wanted to visit Mystic Seaport but it had already closed.

 So we went over the bridge to the town to eat something!

 We went to the most famous pizza place in the area Mystic Pizza. It was built by a Greek family and it became famous when in 1988 a film was shot there. Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts (now that's a movie I still have to see)

 We loved the place.

 And the pizza was very very good.

 Then we walked a bit around town.

 We went inside a great store that sold glass ornaments.

 Oh I loved those vases.

 We also went and attended the opening of the bridge while a ship was passing underneath! Look at those huge concrete pieces.

Later we went back to Mystic Aquarium Olde Mistick Village.

 There was a Christmas shop open.Yes in July! It was called Sofia's Mystical Christmas.
 There were thousands of Christmas ornaments to choose from.

 And Jim Shore ornaments too.I bought the little boat on the bottom shelf.

And a silly necklace.Which I used this Christmas at school with great success.

 I would have bought a little dog ornament but they were expensive!

 After seeing some more shops from the outside we returned back home.