Saturday 24 December 2016

It was the night before Christmas....

Dear friends, readers, followers,
I'd like to wish you all the best for Christmas! Hope you enjoy the day with the ones you love!
And even if you don't celebrate Christmas just enjoy a beautiful Sunday!
Thank you for still reading me inspite the very few blogposts I still write!
Hugs to you all

Friday 23 December 2016

November the month of the bazaars!

How time flies. I don't have time to blog at all!
But well just a few days before the end of the year here is what I did in November.
So in November I helped out during the administration elections, so instead of spending the day at home after voting, I spent the day at the school writing down the names of the voters.
In November the weather kept beautiful so I walked the seafront a lot. During one of those walks I saw the exhibition of dresses made out of trash and recyclable material at the sea front kiosk.

 And then I walked some more!
 We did a school outing at the park one day and it was such lovely weather again!

 With the Teachers' Association Drama Club we did a trip to Petritsi village near Sidirokastro, to present our children's play Game Over.It was my first performance after only four rehearsals. I took the part of a member that left and had to rush and learn my part. Petritsi was very very beautiful!
This was the convention we presented out play at.

I love this video of the dance of the leaves!
 Another gorgeous day at the seafront parks.
 Our school got new painted lines in the playground.
 We attended Zoi Marinou's shadow puppet performance

 We went to Mylos flea market. There wasn't much to see as most kiosks had crafters and not vintage or second hand items.
My two finds! I adored this doll! And it was such a good price!
On the way back from the flea market we visited only one Open House building The Petridis Villa. It was very beautiful inside out!

 I saw those grafitti walls near by and really liked them too.

 Of course we walked the seafront more as the days kept bright!
Along with Barca meeting friends!
We watched Haroula Alexiou in her performance presenting her life.
It was sad to listen to that amazing singer so different as her voice is not what it used to be.

Of course like we do every year we went to Philoxenia the tourism fair. Having a son studying Tourism Administration I am bound to go.
There was a lot to see but I didn't take many photos.

 There was also a second hand bazaar in the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art the same day..There were some lovely art pieces.

And ceramic bowls by Christine Willis
But this is what I got.All these books in the price of one!
I also visited the Painters' bazaar but only admired the paintings.
 These were my favourite.
 And then I went to my former school's bazaar and found all those treasures for so very little money that I couldn't just leave them there!
 And especially the paintings!
 I also went to other bazaars like my son's former school Agios Stylianos.
 And the bazaar for Myrto a young girl in need of money for operations. Most of these little things went out as gifts.
Once again our crafty group gathered at Koumbi coffee and crafts cafe under the guidance of Anna of In My Closet to make handmade items for charity. This is what I made.
 And the total of our group.
 In November I started again my ceramics class. I only managed to make a teapot.

 And start a second one.
In November the mail brought...
...Lovely sea glass from dear Valerie from France.
My parcel from my Secret Santa exchange. Dear Katerina of Mindspinfabrica really made me very happy. You can read all about this exchange here.
I also received my giveaway win by The Green Bag lady.
And this lovely good luck charm by dear Georgia from Ahtida blog.

Barca is always my companion!
 In November I continued with my So little sleeping and so much reading #readathon16 challenge. Here's what I read.
Teodor Storm's The rider with the white horse
Platon Petridis Early byzantine ceramics in the Hellenic world
Edgar Allan Poe's The golden scarab
 BFG by Roald Dahl
 Elisabeth Gaskell's Cranford

Ellie Alexiou's Hardships for a short life
In November I found these at the open market in a very good price
I also bought from a thrift store this book that Ι wanted to have for some time as it was published in the year of my birth.(The American version of course)The valley of the dolls.
 In November I sent out my parcels for my exchanges.
My parcel for my Secret Santa exchange of Efzincreations blog that is organised by sweet Zina included some homemade chocolate, as well as one of my sea glass felted stones especially made for my partner and a couple of more little things.

I made another parcel for my secret crafter exchange but I can't show you what was inside yet.Just a detail.
And that's my So little sleeping and so much reading parcel exchange.This is what I sent plus two books from my partner's wish list.
During the month I made a couple of handmade items to donate to my school bazaar.

My brother brought me these lovely branches
 which I kept in a vase for quite some time even when I started decorating for Christmas!
By the way as tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am not planning to blog again for a couple of days I'd like to wish you all a great holiday!Merry Christmas!