Sunday 29 May 2016


This week's prompt in Our Beautiful World is
chosen by Mandy of A teacup of Scrapisms.
I love drinking coffee twice a day.
Here you can see my coffee at school during the break bought from the school canteen.
I could have written pages about drinking coffee and tea but I don't use cups. I use mugs! I have a big collection of mugs which I have bought from around the world!
I also drink my tea in them or in small Turkish glasses.
I prefer filter coffee and cappuccino in winter and frappe or fredo cappuccino in summer.
What's your favourite coffee?
Why don't you join us with your cups in Our Beautiful World?

Sunday 22 May 2016

My happy

This week's prompt in Our Beautiful World is
My happy
chosen by Ros of Mikeys Mum blog.
There are a lot of things that make me happy.
I guess having a beautiful family, a  house and a job in a peaceful country is what makes all people happy. Unfortunatley not everyone can have it all.
Doing sports, hobbies and travelling makes us happy too. Although some people are unable to do these things or can't afford them.
So here's some of
My happy
 during last week's visit of our friends Margrit and Bullent from Istanbul.
My happy is when friends are visiting...
 and we walk the sea front together....
 spotting newly married couples having their pictures taken.
 My happy is when we take friends sightseeing on a sunny day to beautiful sites in the city like
Yedi Kule...

 spotting details like this Classroom in the former prison...
 or this poppy blooming on a wall....
My happy is when we coninue our sightseeing tour to Vlatadon Monastery looking at the lovely view....

 and seeing all those gorgeously "painted" peacocks

 and stopping at Trigoniou Tower to take our picture.
 My happy is visiting the suburbs of the city under lovely weather....
like Nea Mihaniona,
 with its church

Angelohori, spotting people windsurfing....

 and having coffee at Perea,

 spotting little sparrows feeding...
 and some brave people swimming....

 and shadow and light playing games...
 My happy is visiting museums with friends like the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art looking at art

 which can be really funny some times...
 and having the chance to buy some things at the flea market!
 My happy is having lunch with friends at our favourite place To Elliniko
 although outside it is raining cats and dogs but still it is my happy because there is no thunder or lightning!
 My happy is looking at all the treasures we bought at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art flea market...
 pottery, glass and Easter eggs....
 and porcelain lamps....
and afterwards enjoying "our" movie "Ouzeri Tsitsanis" together with our friends and eating pistacchio baklava, my favourite!
My happy is all that and more!Hope you are enjoying life too!
Why don't you join us with what makes you happy in Our Beautiful World?

Saturday 14 May 2016

By the sea

This week's prompt in Our Beautiful World is
by the sea.
The word was chosen by Kirsty of Handmade Little Things.
I so much would have loved a blogpost about sea glass and my beach at the beach house but unfortunately we haven't been there yet. So instead I will show you photos of the Thessaloniki sea front which we also adore and walk almost every day.
It's our every day life by the sea. 
By the sea On a foggy Epiphany Day
By the sea On a cold winter day with the school going to the theatre

By the sea  During thick fog

By the sea With snow
By the sea Early in the morning
 By the sea Spotting birds

By the sea With fishermen 
 or without them!
 By the sea When no cars are allowed and people walk the sea front avenue.
 By the sea With the salep seller
 By the sea Spotting ships

 Taking selfies By the sea
 By the sea Looking at the silver surface of the water
By the sea  Looking at the landmarks with the sea behind them.
Alexander the Great
 The White Tower
 The Olympus
 Looking at the lighthouse!

By the sea With medals after running!
 By the sea At sunset.

With rough sea
 With Barca by night By the sea
 With Barca by dayBy the sea

By the sea By bike
Spotting beautiful clouds in the sky By the sea
Like this heart!
Hiding behind the trees
Spotting aeroplanes in the sky
Spotting various types of flowers in the parks By the sea

At the fountains.
 All that and even more we see and do at the seafront, By the sea in my city Thessaloniki.
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