Friday 30 September 2011

A magazine....

You know how much I love magazines.
One that I regularly buy is the bi-mothly Marie Claire Idees which unfortunately is written in French which I do not speak but at least it has got great ideas and lovely pictures on its pages and the smell of the paper of this magazine is so beautiful,unbelievable!Another great advantage of this magazine is that it is cheap compared to all other craft magazines that come imported. Only 5,10 euros. All the other craft magazines are double that price so they remain at the bookstore shelves.
Here are a couple of photos of what I liked in this issue.

Thursday 29 September 2011

What I am up to....

Dear readers and followers,
I am trying to keep away from the Internet because I have to write my essay for the seminar. The deadline is on 15th October.
So after school every day I have been working on that essay.
At the same time I am preparing material for my First and Second Graders because this is the first time after about twenty years that I teach so young an age! It is great teaching them though!
Here are  a couple of photos of the things I am preparing for them!

 Words that are the same in English and Greek.
 I like......
 I like chocolate included eating a piece of chocolate for every student!They loved it!

Sunday 25 September 2011

A parcel arrived July!

I can't possibly take a good picture of my beautiful clean curtains.......I just tried.
On the other hand I remembered that I had received a parcel in the beginning of July which I only managed to have in my hands in the end of that month and I have to show you what it included.
It was a parcel from a sea glass friend Lynne V. You can see her sea glass creations on the link.Thank you Lynne for the fantastic and rare drawer knob and the beautiful star and everything you included.

Saturday 24 September 2011

Have a great weekend!

I had decided to do really as much work as I could for school today! And like some of my little students
I postponed working to ...a) have morning coffee and fried egg bread with hubbie and my girlfriends and
b) wash all curtains, dry them and hang them back!
But in the afternoon and evening I managed to a) prepare my homework for the week and
b) do some research on my Lesson Plan for my seminar essay!
I had an idea about the Lesson plan ( I will  present it after I have reported it to my tutor after the deadline, sorry!) based on an old book I had. I worked on the powerpoint presentation of it and on the exercises that will accompany it! And then I had a look on the Internet and found lots of other ideas about it but most of them are not for the level of students I want but anyway it was good to see that yet again I am not the first one in the world who chose to work on this theme!
By the way here are a couple of photos of a recent purchase.
My dear Sonia made new things on her shop so I got a little something too (as much as I can afford at the time).
Aren't these linen pillows beautiful? They are filled with lavender and have made my lingerie drawers smell wonderful! Of course Sonia added some great extras!Thanks! You can find the Cozy Homemaking blog and shop here.

Friday 23 September 2011

A walk before school.

I had to do some chores at the Mayor Hall today so I went before school. On the way back to school I walked through a park which is really beautiful. I just took a few quick snaps. The weather is so beautiful again!

Thursday 22 September 2011


I love IKEA.
I know lots of people in Greece who think we should not support big firms or non-Greek firms etc due to the financial crisis but I really love IKEA and anyway lots of locals work there.
I love their style,their clean lines, their affordable furniture and little luxuries. I only wish their products were cheaper in Greece like they are in other countries.
What I also know is that every September the shop is filled with students who just entered University and are buying good cheap furniture from there and seeing all those young faces happy to be decorating their first own home is quite a sight.
Anyway every September I am looking forward to the IKEA catalogue that arrives at home. As soon as it does I keep it on my bedside table and before I go to sleep I dream about rearranging furniture, changing the kitchen, little details here and there and the fantastic Ektorp sofas!Sometimes I can't even fall asleep because of the excitement!
Unfortunately as things have turned out here it is impossible for me to do any major changes but at least I can still afford a couple of small accessories that can make my home more beautiful and me happier.
Here are my favourite pages of this year's catalogue.

 Isn't that sofa beautiful?

 The Billy bookcase,I have it everywhere in the house.
 Beautiful blue blown glass details.
 I love these pots. I am definitely buying some in my next visit to Ikea.
 This white table lamp is gorgeous!
I am also adding the link of the online catalogue for those of you who can't have the paper one and also here is a site I recently found of people who change IKEA furniture and use them in their own way,hence their name  IKEA hackers.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

My nameday gifts

Here are some photos of the gifts I received this year for my nameday.
 Some roses from my mum.Isn't this light pink one very delicate?
 My best friend Gia brought me three gifts. A candle for my summer house.
 A shell frame for there,too.
 And a lovely tunic embellished with beads. I loved it and wore it the very next day at school where it attracted lots of comments.

 My son's tutor brought me a great book about Gaudi from his recent trip to my beloved Barcelona.

 Isn't this fish mosaic fantastic?
 My brother and sister-in-law brought me this lovely handpainted on driftwood key hanger.
 I loved the detail.This is also going to my beach house.All my close friends and relatives know my love for the sea!

Tuesday 20 September 2011

While attending a seminar.

 Aren't these lovely beads? A colleague at the English Teachers' seminar that I attended early in September was wearing it. She made it herself with semi precious beads from Istanbul! Isn't it gorgeous?

 Well better looking at those gorgeous beads than the series of narrow windows of the school we were at.
I have to do some essays again for the next seminar but unfortunately they increased the number of essays and projects and decreased the number of days we have to prepare them so I might be off the blogland for a couple of days till I finish them.