Wednesday 27 February 2013


It was the end of November and all through the city there were bazaars for charities for Christmas.
I love bazaars both for the handmade things but mainly for the second hand vintage things!!!!!
Here are some photos of a couple of some.
I know maybe for my local readers I should try to be more in time and give the photos and info so that they can also go but unfortunately I have too many things to do apart from blogging.
So the first one we went on November 25th was the Pillbox bazaar at Ladadika.
This area is absolutely lovely and picturesque, filled with lots of restaurants and taverns and night clubs. Although we don't go there for our entertainment I really like walking in the streets and looking around.

The Pillbox bazaar was all about handicrafst and aminly jewelry and since I already had started learning how to make jewelry it was a great chance for me to see what's in the handmade market. I loved what I saw and realised that I can make so many of these things. Some thought were very original.Like the Trash Bizou stand which has lovely jewelry made of recycled coffee packets.

  Of course I had to buy some pieces for me and my friend Frieda who loves to recycle herself.
You can find the trash bizou guys on facebook here. They are a great young couple trying to make a start.
I also bought this little lovely thing for my niece.You can find the girl of the Princess Gallery on facebook here.
After the Pillbox we walked through the city to the great bazaar at Asylo tou paidiou.That's a charity as well as a school and I worked there two years ago. 

 There are lots of handmade things there too but I mainly go for the vintage and second hand things. I always find little treasures there. The total of what I got.
 This little porcelain cup. I still haven't found what language the letters are from or what they mean. Can anyone help?
(Edited.I found the story of it here.It is written in the Bashkir Language.It says Ural Batyr which means hero, brave man and it is an epic poem of the Bashkir people.You can read the translation of the poem here.)
 This black rose square bowl.
 This lovely German set. I haven't found anything about this either.
 A beautiful mermaid from Denmark.
 A shell bowl that went to Scotland filled with some Greek beach finds.
 A Delft whisky bottle from Holland.

And a vintage handpainted little dish with the Parthenon on the Acropolis which I will add to my etsy shop soon.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

The twilight of the Orient.

Back in November again. Oh why am I always so late?
Anyway hubby and I had visited this exhibition at Villa Kapanzti.Old postcards of Thessaloniki in 1912.We also attended a short dramatization of the life of women during that period.
The actress is Marita Tsalkitzoglou who works at my school as a Drama teacher this year.
Cyclists at the cycling race of 1900.
 Various jobs of the time.
 The White Tower with its outside walls.
 Yeni Cami, New Mosque in my neighbourhood. It still stands here.
 This is an unbelievable postcard. That's my neighbourhood and how it looked in the beginning of the 20th century.
 Clothes of that age waiting to be worn by the actress.
Marita Tsalkitzoglou.
Marita is acting at Anton Chechov's The Cherry Orchard at Villa Kapanzti and we are going to watch it on Saturday.So I will tell you about it then.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Jewelry course (1)

I have to stop thinking about Barca for a while and concentrate on all other things I do or have to do.
Anyway I am so behind with my blog unfortunately.
 I will show you some things I have been up to lately.
In November I joined a jewelry course. Although the distance to reach the place where it is being held is rather long, I decided to take it because it was much much cheaper than other courses I had inquired about and it is being held by my friend Irene.
So we meet every Thursday evening for two hours. We are six students attending so it is good to be able to concentrate on what we do and have a good feedback and attention by our tutor.
Here's what I have done so far.
I admit I only deal with this during the lesson and not so much at home. Also I try not to buy new materials and try to use up beads and other things I had collected over the years.Of course I have to buy little bits and pieces and findings all the time. I guess in future I will add handmade jewelry on my etsy shop but it will take some time to do that.
So in November I learnt the techniques and made:
this brooch with wire, beads and soldering in the first lesson.

This pair of earrings with wire and beads and soldering in the second lesson.
 This chocker necklace with wire, beads, soldiering and ribbon in the third lesson(so far my best piece made)
This bracelet with wire, beads and a knitting needle in the fourth lesson. I also made one at home (the orange one with the shells)

Then in December we learnt and made:
this necklace with wire and beads.

And this necklace.
And bracelets with makrame weaving style
More of what I have learnt so far in a following post.
The porcelain lace stones are by Paula Valentim of Otchipotchi.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday

From a sunny Thessaloniki just a little video I made on the way to Athens on Sunday. It was dark and overcast.

Music found here.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

One month with Barca.

Thank you every one for your condolences and good wishes.
I am very very tired as I returned late last night. It isn't easy to go 500km away and return back in just 36 hours.And had to go to school this morning.
So I won't blog about the funeral although I admit that it was a great tribute to our uncle and a great chance to meet lots of relatives some of which I hadn't seen for ages. It is a pity that we live so far away from all our relatives but that's how life brings things.First we had to leave Constanitnople and our relatives there. Then we had to leave Athens and our relatives there and ended up in Thessaloniki, this beautiful city with no one but us here.When you grow older you realise the loneliness even more.

To something happier.
Barca (pronounced Bartsa) has been with us for a month now. She came here on January 14th.
Here is a photographic album of hers. Careful! Too many photos!
First meeting
 First evening
 Meeting Miltos for the first time.
 With carpets, not for long.
 In my lap
 Leg up

 The computer
 The mail

 Slippers love
 Grandma love?
 Sleeping anywhere
 Pants love
 Say dreaming?
 Heads up
 In my lap
Why in a cage?

 Mail love

 New gift

 At school
 Hope I haven't bored you with so many Barca photos! They are in chronological order.