Friday 30 October 2015

National Holiday snaps

We went to the parade of course and then for coffee with the family!
For my Greek friends abroad and those who love parades.
The good thing this year was that there were no fences to obstract us from seeing the parade.

This little guy was so sweet!

 Barca watching the parade. She was  abit scared when the tanks shook the earth.

 Barca watching with interest!
 The F16 that made a show in the end was mazing!
 And then we went to the seafront to see the boats and submarine.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

A day at the beach.

It is a very long National Holiday weekend here. In fact we are off school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.So adding Saturday and Sunday that's five days!Lovely!
We decided we couldn't go anywhere abroad or in the country as money isn't enough nowadays.
So we stayed at home watching movies, eating, cleaning and doing chores. And walking the seafront.
But yesterday it was so beautifully sunny and we needed to take some things to the beach house (decluttering the city house means cluttering the beach house!!!!!)
So we went there. It was magic!
Green everywhere and sunshine and warmth! Lovely!

 You could even swim if you wanted to, the sea was fantastic!
 And since the tide was low we  walked the beach and we found so much sea glass!Great! I really don't know what I am going to do with so much sea glass anyway!

 Even a red piece!
 Look at the blue one!

 Barca enjoyed it too. I am so happy she is not car sick any more and we can take her everywhere!
 And of course we ended up having some tsipouro and fresh fish from the fishing boat directly to the the local tavern. Delicious!
Back home I washed all of my sea glass and checked it under the light to see the real colours!
Patterned window pane glass....
 Lovely bubbly clear white.....
 Very old bubbly sea foam green glass...
 Grey safety glass with wire inside....
 Pink and grey blue....
 Nice shape....
 Piece of purple light bulb insulator....tiny and looked really black....
 That blue piece looks amazing on the light....
 The green too....
Really enjoyed the day!