Monday 30 September 2013

Summer 2013- meeting Andrea.

That was the highlight of my summer.
Andrea from Hungary and I have been pen friends since....we were about 13 or something.Maybe earlier?I don't remember any more.I had received a German magazine from my Austrian pen pal as a gift and at the pen pals' ads I found Andrea, wrote to her and from then on we started writing to each other.
We still communicate mainly through facebook or by e-mail.
Years ago in 1991 we met for the first time in Paris. I was there visiting my cousin with my ex-husband and she was there on a trip and we met and visited Notre Dame together.
She visited Greece last year but we didn't have a chance to meet but we managed to meet this summer for a couple of hours as she came to Thessaloniki to meet me.
That's what we did together. It was great fun!
We saw the White Tower from the outside.It's the landmark of Thessaloniki so Andrea had to have a photo in front of it.
 Then we took this bus....
...and did a short tour of the city....looking at landmarks and sights like the Communication Tower.....
 ....looking at the Thermaikos Gulf from the top of the hill....
 ...and listening to a guided tour. Bytheway the driver and guide at the bus were very kind and communicative which is a plus to the tourist.
Then we had some Frappe coffee at the balcony of  Garcon Brasserie Cafe ...I am so glad Andrea drinks it unlike all my other friends from abroad visiting Greece.
 Of course we took pictures....
and suddenly this boat-cafe passed in front of us.....
 Then hubby accompanied us to  Elliniko Restaurant where we enjoyed lots of various appetisers.

 We didn't stop talking and laughing together and it was as if I met my lost sister after many years. It was as if we continued a discussion we had left unfinished the day before!
I hope we will meet again soon and not after so many years.

Sunday 29 September 2013

Summer 2013- meeting Elysabeth

Some of my very few readers and followers might have been tired of all those summer posts but as I was just explaining to a blog friend I am trying to keep away from all the ugly things that are happening in Greece right now, in politics, in education, in people's every day lives by remembering the beautiful summer days.
Anyway there are only a couple of posts left and they are about the people we met this summer.
Well apart from the neighbours and family we also had visits from abroad.
Elysabeth Williamson of Principle Based Partner Yoga, whom I had met at the beach last year, was visiting our area again for yoga training and we spent a couple of days together. It was fun to meet her again and get to know each other a bit better. No I didn't do yoga!
We went around Kassandra Peninsula, the part of Chalkidiki we live in summer.
We stopped for coffee at Agia Paraskevi, a small village on top of a hill at the Southern part of the peninsula.
It has some very beautiful old houses and doors.

 An old well.

 And we bought some honey from local producers.
 We visited the village church and it was funny spotting an expenisve red car waiting outside of it!
 Elysabeth loved the view.
 Agia Paraskevi village church.
 Then after Elysabeth's suggestion we went to the spa about which Agia Paraskevi is famous for.

 We swam in both the outdoor and indoor pool at the sulphide warm waters.

 We took pictures of the lovely view of the Aegean Sea.

 I loved that boat made with thread and wood at the entrance of the spa.
 And of course we enjoyed  lunch with various appetisers and fish at Kapetanios (Captain) Restaurant.

 We walked at the nearest beach.
 And visited one more chapel nearby...
 ...spotting details....

We had fun spending time with Elysabeth hoping we will meet again.
Last year at the beach Elysabeth had given me some stones.
 She also fed some stones to our sea throwing good wishes she brought from people from the States. One of those stones I found at the beach last year.
 Then this year she gave me these stones.
And from those she fed at our beach I found three. Funny I found the little purplish during sunset and the two snowflake obsidian ones both while snorkeling! I am so happy I found them!Thanks Elysabeth!

Saturday 28 September 2013

Summer 2013- Barca at the beach house

Barca was of course everywhere with us.
At the walks at the beach.
 Sitting under my bench while I was crafting.
 Looking after my son while he was sleeping.
 Looking for sea glass.
 Waiting patiently while we were swimming.

 Sleeping next to our bed...
 ...or waiting for us to wake up.
 Keeping us company.....

 Giving us kisses...
 Looking out at the horizon....

 Getting bored....

 Enjoying the shadow on the grass...
 Coming with us at the cafe.
 Asking for her breakfast....