Sunday 22 December 2019

2019 Online Advent Calendar

Hi everyone!
I know you haven't seen me for some time here. It seems that even blogging has become difficult for me these days. Anyway...

Thanks to Jo of Serendipitous Stitching though I managed to make my last blog post for 2019.
And that's her Advent Calendar.
I am on December 22nd so here is my photo.
I had stitched this Christmas stocking for my son back in 1997. I managed to finish it for his third Christmas and I really like it so very much. There is so much detail in it. And beads too.
I had found the pattern in Cross Stitcher magazine issue of December 1996 and my mum did the finishing into a stocking when I finished it in time for Christmas 1997. So it was totally a labour of love from a mother and a grandmother to my little boy Miltos. I hope he will treasure it as a heirloom. And I hope you like it too.
For this Christmas I only stitched this little piece from Winter 2018 Craftpod kit. It's beautiful isn't it?
The red berries branch is from an older Craftpod kit too.
Jo also asked us to say in this blog post our favourite Christmas movie. If you read all the blog posts you will find lots of interesting movies to see for Christmas.
My favourite Christmas movie is a Finnish film called Joulutarina ( Christmas Story). It was sent to me as a DVD gift by my Finn friend Johanna and her family after we had visited Finland after Christmas 2006. You can find the movie with English subtitles on You tube and I personally show this movie to my pupils of the 6th grade every year and they love it.
The second movie I love to watch not only every Christmas but also through the year and I have watched really a hundred times is You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Rayan. In fact I am going to watch it today again as it is on our TV although I have it as a DVD as well when I want to watch it at other times. I especially like the scenes from New York at Christmas.

I recently saw another movie on Netflix and really liked it so I thought of suggesting that one too. It is Klaus and it is animated and very very witty. I am sure you will like that, too.

 I also thought of adding a few photos from this year's minimal Christmas decorations at our house.
 This is our big table with some fir branches, lights and tealight candles.
 My porcelain mushrooms, a wooden advent calendar winter scene, my nativity scene, and my crystal tealight candle holders.The blue cross stitched piece I made myself.

 This is where the stocking stands.
 Also you can see another Nativity scene, my son's first ornament a Santa on a bike, two little houses I got from Poland  and two music boxes from my friend Juliana.
That's a tea light candle holder I got as a gift from a pupil this year and the reindeer is from Finland.
 The wreaths I made last year. I had also made some blue ones that I sent out as gifts this year.
My pomegranate collection and the lights are from Finland too.
No Christmas tree this year.
But I admired this one at the city centre mall and loved it.Maybe next year!LOL!
 If you have read so far then I have a gift for you. This is a Christmas kit I had received from my friend Marabeth many years ago but I know this is not something I am going to stitch so if you feel like stitching it please say so in your comment. I will pick someone on 31st December.
If you would like to visit all of Jo's Advent blog posts you can do so here.
Thank you Jo for the inspiration once again.
Have a great Christmas and New Year's Eve. Enjoy the holidays.
EDIT. I finally did a drawing and the kit was won by Purple Pixie Dust.