Sunday 31 January 2016


This week's prompt for Our Beautiful World is Bird, a word chosen by Kirsty  of  Handmade Little Things.
To tell you the truth I hadn't recently taken any photos of birds and we hadn't been some place to see birds. So what did I do?
I simply took some photos of the birds that come down into our school playground just after the children's break to eat their leftovers.
It's amazing how many types of birds come every day.Usually they are pigeons, doves,seagulls and sparrows.

Then I took some photos of some birds I saw one morning during my sea front walk with Barca!

 And then I just looked around me in my flat and realised how many beautiful birds I have!
This swan painting by my sea glass friend Ian in England,
and this swan cross stitch I had made as a kid. (sorry it's blurred)
And all those Geninne Zlatkis birds in my bedroom!

And another stitched piece!
And the ducks for February for the Joyful World of the Snowflower Diaries SAL that I am taking part in!
And more birds around!

 I love birds!
Ever since I was a kid and a neighbour painted birds for me with just one line with her pencil! I just wish I had some of those now! It looked a bit like this but the bird was looking straight ahead. (found here)

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Monday 25 January 2016

Katerina Giannaca ceramics exhibition

As I have already told you I am taking ceramics lessons. These are divided into 6-week terms during which we do one subject. Also each term starts with a presentation of the subject.
The first subject was the bowl and our teacher showed us a powerpoint with various artists.
The result was to make two bowls. One small one in just one lesson (three hours) and a bigger one in the next five weeks. Last week we glazed the bowls and they were put in the oven.
I brought them home and felt really happy to show them to friends.
Here they are.
 I really loved how they turned out and especially the bigger piece
which is glazed in a glaze not suitable for food so my spiders have decided to settle in it. Spiders made by Laura of Dans le Lakehouse.
The second term was called "The box" and I chose to make a biscuit jar which is not ready yet.
Here's how it still looks.
This subject was introduced with a visit at Ro Art Gallery where we saw the works of art of painter and ceramist  Katerina Giannaca. We were lucky the artist herself was there too.
 Here are some photos from that exhibiton visit. Don't you love all those shapes and colours?

We then had some drinks with our teacher and all the ceramic class classmates and discussed the experience of learning how to make ceramic objects. I know I am enjoying it really very much! And that was a great visit!

Sunday 24 January 2016


May your days be merry and bright....
Wendy of  Wen Sylvestre Mixed Media Art  chose the word
for Our Beautiful World.
Christmas was exceptionally bright in our city this year.
Not that I liked the decorations. I found them kitsch!!!! Still they brought extra light in the nights of the city.
One evening, the last of Asterokosmos (Starworld) the Christmas village inside the International Trade Fair grounds, we decided to visit it to see a shadow puppetry performance.
We were met with these lights.

Inside there was a Fun Fair for kids.
It made us dizzy even looking at the people on them so we didn't take the rides!
I liked the carousel...
and this walk through pathway.

 But inspite our bright smiles

we found that almost everything in there although bright lacked taste.
At least we were compensated by the shadow puppetry performance by Agapios Agapiou!
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Friday 15 January 2016


Blue is my favourite colour!
It probably has to do with the beautiful blue of the Greek sea and the Greek skies I guess.
My soul opens up whenever I see blue.
Here are some examples of blue I spotted around me recently.
At Krini, a suburb of my city, when we had a shadow puppet performance for the scouts I walked the beach of course!

What a lovely blue colour this car has!
A blue seaglass felted stone I recently made for the EGST exchange really appealed to many people.
We bought some lovely shadow puppet brooches from Ro Gallery recently and they were on blue paper.
I spotted this blue grafiti on a neighbourhood wall.
I drank my coffee in this blue mug this morning.Gift from my son a long time ago.
The pot with this dry blue plant is always next to my computer screen.
I still light these candles in my kitchen.
In front of my blue wall. The photo doesn't really show it that well. The colour is much better.
And you can also see my blue clock and blue cross stitch.
A blue & on my kitchen counter.
Toothpicks in a blue Romanian ceramic tiny mug.
My blue armchair-cross stitch corner.
Some blue in my candles.
A lovely blue blown glass keyring I received for Christmas from a dear friend in England. Thanks Kim!
I brought my first two "babies" from the ceramic class at home. And of course they are blue.
 We went to the theatre with the school all the way walking the beachfront. It was great!So much blue!
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 The word blue was chosen by Mandy of Mandysea blog.
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