Thursday 31 March 2011

Crafting for courage(1)

I had told you about some blog friends who organised a sale with all the profits going to help Japan.
I couldn't resist buying some of the things that were sold on the sale so that I can somehow in my very small way help Japanese people as well.
Today the first of my three purchases arrived.It is a lovely pincushion from Sonia in Cozy Memories who added  a lovely coaster in the parcel as this was her 200th sale and also some cross stitch ribbon to get me inspired to stitch some more.
Thank you dear Sonia!

Wednesday 30 March 2011

That brought some sunshine...

Thirteen years ago today my dear father died.He was 72 years old.I guess he had lots more years to live as he was strong till he got cancer in the lungs caused by amianthosis.That was caused by inhalation of asbestos particles at some point in his life. He had worked at an asbestos factory when he was twelve(!) so the fact that he got sick so many years afterwards was a miracle.
He was a real good father and I miss him so much every day.He loved flowers and the sea and I am sure he would have been very very happy to see me collecting sea glass at my summer house.
This sea glass that has brought so much happiness and sunshine in my life and so many friends.
One of these sea glass friends,dear Ian from England sent me a parcel that arrived today.
It included a lovely yellow decanter stopper(which was a flea market find not a sea glass find) and a suncatcher made by himself and a lovely codd marble,my very first.Codd marbles of course do not exist in Greece.I at first thought the wired art piece was a bracelet!Therefore I photographed it as a piece of jewellery.Anyway....Thank you Ian so much!You made me smile today!
 The doily pottery stones are by Paula Valentim of otchipotchi.
A couple of days ago I received a handwritten letter from my dear Israeli long time pen friend Ruth.Ruth just like me has stopped writing handwritten letters and she made an effort for my sake,thank you Ruth.She has a great blog about books.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Sunday morning at the museum.

On Sunday morning the weather was still fantastic so we did a very long walk and visited the Tellogleio Museum. It was the last day of the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition which had mainly posters by the artist.
 Also we saw a great exhibition of prints by Dimitrios Galanis.
 Photography was not allowed but I admit I took only two photos to show you his work.

 The museum symbol as a sculpture outside the museum.
 Shadows is my favourite theme.
 We also walked through the University Campus area.
 This is the University Library.Students were still studying there on a lovely Sunday morning.

 Flowers are bloming even in the city.And from certain angles you cannot see the rubbish that have accumulated in the corners everywhere.

Edit. If you want to see works of Toulouse-Lautrec, some of which are for sale you can visit Atsy, an online gallery.
You can find Lautrec's works here.

Monday 28 March 2011

Our finds.

My first find was blue so I was very optimistic!
Let's take a boat and sail away!
 Let's lie on the sand like a branch!
 Someone came with a truck!
 My foot.Your foot.
 I am tired, he said.
 I am tired,too,I said.Let me sit down for a while.
 I am tied up with this beach.
 A goodbye kiss!

Flowers and trees once again.

For some reason the photos in this post did not show yesterday so I will just upload them once again to show you the beautiful trees and flowers at the summer house at the weekend.

Saturday 26 March 2011

The blue of our flag,our sea,our skies....

Friday the 25th was Independence Day.
We put our flag on its pole and left our rubbish filled neighbourhood for our summer house.
The weather was wonderful.
The sea was fantastic although we did not dare to swim and the sky was so blue,it was breathtaking.
More blogposts will follow of our 24 hours at our summer house.

Thursday 24 March 2011

Two sunny days.

Yesterday was a sunny day and at school I walked around the garden and took some photos.
Wooden benches at the school garden.
 Lichen on the tree trunks.
 The olive trees of the school.
 Today at school we did a celebration for the 25th of March which is here a National Holday.It is the day Greece got its freedom from the Turks in 1821.
 Today I noticed that my muscari are blooming for the third consecutive year.
 And the violets(or whatever these are) smell beautifully inspite the rubbish under my balcony.