Saturday 30 November 2013

Flowers and giveaway winners.

Today I am dedicating these beautiful flowers to my dear hubby for his birthday!Happy birthday darling!

Now about the giveaway! Maybe it was my mistake that I didn't state in the title of my blogpost that there was a giveaway therefore not too many people participated and only a few made a guess.
And out of those few only two people were right about my end of the year trip destination! It is the Peloponnese! You can read some info about this wonderful place here.
So the winners have to be chosen between Evdokia of have a ko(o)kie and
Wendy of Apple and Appricot.
Thank you all for participating! It seems that not too many people read my blog afterall!But anyway I always enjoy writing it!
So both ladies will receive a small gift, a small felted stone of mine. I don't want to make a choice! Please send me your addresses at my e-mail ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com and tell me your favourite colour so that I make you one with that colour.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Having fun with Picmonkey

Sometimes I might sound as if I have discovered America but I am rather slow in discovering things especially computerwise.
Anyway a friend I recently met through Etsy Greek Street team introduced me to picmonkey.Thanks Christina. You can find her beautiful nail art and jewelry here.
So picmonkey is a free photo editing website where you can edit your photos.You can add all kinds of beautiful details on them, crop them, make them more beautiful, write on them and finally save them. And all that for free.
Having no photoshop, I found picmonkey really very user friendly and fun!
Here is a photo of me adjusted in various ways by picmonkey.
And here are some I made with my felted stones.

You can compare the first photo with the one in yesterday's post here. Bytheway no one has yet found the destination of my Christmas trip. It is hidden in yesterday's photos of Philoxenia. The winner will get a treat!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Philoxenia 2013

Philoxenia is a branch of the International Trade Fair here in my city. It takes place every November and lots of Greek places, cities, islands, municipalities, prefectures, the Greek Tourism Organisation as well as many foreign countries provide information on how to visit them and what they have to offer.
I love going there, inspite the entrance fee ticket of 5 euros, because I love finding informative leaflets of places I haven't been to and probably plan a trip.
Before going to Philoxenia we went through the municipality hall where a fair of organic products was being held. I bought my favourite sweet and sour green pepper chutney (it has jalapenos peppers inside) from
The ChilliFactor.
The municipality hall was beautifully decorated with apples and lanterns.We even met the mayor!
And then we went to the Philoxenia grounds.
 It was fun meeting two "little" creatures of Oneiroupoli (The Christmas Village in Drama)
 Another exciting factor to visit Philoxenia is trying local sweets and treats from various parts of Greece although I admit that this year (probably due to the financial crisis) the treats were much fewer.

 A strange robot was moving around....

 and Indonesia had beautiful stands...

 Also Tunisia ...
 and Egypt....
 We planned a couple of trips, you will hear about them later....Bytheway can you spot/guess the destination of our last trip for this year? I will draw a name out of those who will guess correctly. It's in the photos. Just be specific!And you have to be a follower.
When we were heading back home the skies looked ominous....
 But there is always hope in the horizon....

Sunday 24 November 2013

Sea glassing 1000 metres from home.....

It was last Sunday late afternoon when hubby and I wanted to relax and I asked for a walk at the seafront and coffee at a beautiful seafront cafe.
Crossing the big avenue near our flat I looked at the almost empty street. 
 We walked along the still closed sea front. It has been undergoing renovations for ages now but we were told that it will be open to the public on December 1st so we are really looking forward to it.
 A sweet friend was waiting there too.
 We took a couple of photos of the still closed seafront and we realised that there are people who had crossed the fences to walk there. We will wait to do that on the 1st.

 The other side of the sea front which was renovated earlier is so beautiful.
 Even the sea was very clean.See all those urchins?
 The sun was setting while we were entering the seafront cafe.

 There was a tiny beach in front of the cafe, about 10 metres long. I had never noticed that there was an actual beach there. It was covered in stones. I looked down and I saw this...
Of course I had to look for more. Hubby was shouting that the sun was fast setting and we wouldn't be able to sit outside for coffee so I had to leave the potential full of sea glass ten metre long beach.
But at least I had found a couple of lovely sea glass pieces and a destination for future walks...just a thousand metres away from home.

 See how small it is?
 Although the sun had set we sat outside. November 17th, coffee with my darling outside by the sea and sea glass!Priceless!
 That's the lot I managed to collect before hubby insisted on my returning to our table and before the sun had set.
 Not too bad for a new beach so near home!

 My favourite. Its real colour is much more turquoise that this!

Saturday 23 November 2013

So last Saturday....

I took part in the Old School Bazaar Exhibition at Elite Cafe.
Although not many people visited the exhibition, still it was fun spending time with so many creative, talented artists.
Some photos from the cafe.

Here are photos I took at the bazaar.
First my own table.Thalasseaglass was there with lots of felted stones, jewelry, mirrors and bookmarks.

And here are some of the creative people there.
Maria of Make the Change jewelry. You can find her jewerly on etsy here.
 Vasia's Theredanemone jewels
 I loved that driftwood piece.
 Sweet Athena of Tsagiero Handmade and her lovely teapot.
 Sofi of Sofi Moukidou Jewels
 Poppy of Poppy's Stuff
 Lena of Lale Soaps was there of course and I was again her personal photographer.
 Heart Kingdom 
 Of course dear Karalis soap.
 Magda of Tricreation whose bags and pouches I really loved.
 Elegant Angelina of Angeldust
 Gentle Ioanna of Soul_Made.
She even had a piece of sea glass jewelry.
Last but not least our photographer Mak Semers of Tenebris.Apparel with his black and white T-shirts.
I have to thank this great guy because he took some amazing photos of the whole exhibition and made some amazing photos of my stones.
Here's one of them. I will show more in a future blogpost.
I hope I will manage to attend more bazaar exhibitions.
You can read about this event on Sofi's blog here.