Thursday 28 July 2011

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

On June 29th hubbie, my son and I visited the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of my city. There was a Damien Hirst exhibition and I was eager to see this legend of modern art. I was disappointed not by the exhibits but by the fact that the exhibition was the only part of the museum I could not take pics at. So I am posting you all kinds of photos from the rest of the museum exhibitions, temporary or permanent. At some photos I am adding the name of the artist and the title of the exhibit but at some others I forgot to take pics of the labels.
The first part of the Museum was covered with the exhibits of the Gestalt Effect Exhibition.
I loved this Lego watch. I was reminded of a pair of earrings my cousin Maria made with Lego pieces.
Maria's earrings.
Above I thought it was somekind of a watch. But it is called Dynamic City 2011.Installaion based on Gustav Klucis' homonymous artwork,wood and laquer,200x160cm
This one I thought it was number 8 but it is probably the letther theta θ of the Greek alphabet.
Thessaloniki 2010, Inkjet archival print on smooth cotton paper 70x100cm
I found this guy's eyes extremely beautiful!
Theo 2009 Series "Silent portraits" Inkjet Archival Print on smooth cotton paper 70x100cm.
Unfortunately there was glass on the frame.
The entrance to this temporary exhibition.
Other exhibits on the whole of the Museum that attracted my attention.....
I loved the colours of this one and thought of how easy it is to make.It is ribbons and paint.
Vassilis Skilakos(1963).Composition with cloth and painting,1984
Achilleas Apergis (1909-1986) Untitled, 1970 Bronze
Unfortunately although I loved these wooden ladders I didn't take notice of the artist's name.

Famous poet and painter Nikos Eggonopoulos' Drawing for "Landscape of Piraeus with a statue", 1942 Tempera on paper.
At first I thought they had left those bins there for rubbish!Then I saw they were works of Art!
Theofilos was a famous folk artist. He painted everywhere especially on walls of buildings. Here Shepherd and Shepherdess,mixed media.
Of course Karaghiozis,the shadow puppet sailing away. A figure by Sotiris Spatharis.
I laughed with the imagination of the artist of this one. It is so impressive with its size,colour and brightness.

And it is simply made of paper ribbons.
My son almost sat on this one.
A whole room filled with these.
A modern way to paint walls.
There was another exhibition in the museum with the Title "Art as a way to assimilate immigrants" and it was a year long project of immigrants paintings.My son was dancing in the meantime really bored of the museum once again.

Some of the paintings were really beautiful.
When I saw this work of Art I was reminded of the two glass light bulbs I have in these colours. Maybe the artist had found them too just like me by the rubbish bins and took them home but made a work of art out of them!
My light bulbs.

Yannis Gaitis is another famous Greek artist.
I love this as I have lots of driftwood at the summer house.Alexis Akrithakis (1939-1994) Untitled 1980 Wood.
And these wings are made with paper by Pavlos another famous Greek artist.

The only art by Damien Hirst I managed to smuggle out as a pic was this one on the way out!Pills.
That's the poster at the entrance of the museum. The teeth of the skull are covered in diamond sand in the original painting inside the museum.. Damien Hirst shows the New Religion of our age which according to him is Medicine and the consumption of pills to gain immortality but in the end we all end up as bones in a tomb.
The entrance to the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Another walk at the sea front.

I love walking at the Thessaloniki sea front and that is a favourite past time for many people here. It is relaxing,it is beautiful and it is free.Free entertainment. I even take my coffee with me while walking and there is no need to buy it on the way!Financial crisis?We are resistant!
A glorious sunny day!
 A little black spot in the horizon washed in the last sun rays.
 A ship of course. I would love to be under those sun rays.
 People walking up and down the sea front some facing the Music Hall just like us.
 A little stop at the Water Garden to enjoy sounds and views.
 Strange plants.
 Spot the frog!
 There he is!
 Lovely flowers.

 Koi fish.
 And a basket ball in the middle of the sea!
 But it is raining somewhere far away!I love rainfall curtains as I call them.
 A gorgeous sun setting in front of us!
My last walk of June at the Thessaloniki sea front.

Thursday 14 July 2011

Festival against racism.

On the 26th June I took part along with my Drama Club team in a fairy tale dramatisation at the Festival against racism that took place in the park near my house at the sea front.
We had played this fairy tale The seagull and the raven at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair in April.
Here are photos of the festival as well as some photos of the second hand books I bought very very cheap!

-I am still at the summer house. I have no Internet access. I hope all my readers,followers and friends are having a great summer!-