Thursday 25 June 2015

Our wedding

Hubby and I have been together for more than 15 years.
We never really thought we had to get married since we had no children together and no fortune together!
But we had locked each other's fortune in our hearts and that was enough!
He proposed very informally this Easter sending me the civil wedding ceremony application form in a USB.
Some found this very nice! I thought it was at least original! No bending knees at this age!
And I said "Yes! Of course!"
Because I love him and have been loving him all these years.
Because no matter what, he is my best friend and we share so much together!
And we have been living together all these years!
And because in Greece unless you are married to someone you are not allowed to take leave off work to take care of him in case of need and you are not even allowed to stand by him in hospital and listen to the doctors talking about your loved one because you are not next of kin!
For all those reasons and more we got married.
He didn't want wedding rings, or a big open wedding!
Only a few relatives and friends.
I didn't want a wedding gown, Ι wanted it a bit handmade and really wanted around me the people who have shown their respect and love to us all these years!
And here it is.
More details on various aspects of this wedding after the honeymoon!
Thank you everyone for your love and wishes from near and far!
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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Beautiful the school year ended.

Schools closed!
The children left on the 15th, some of them not even saying good bye.
The fate of the English teacher.
Is English a school subject of less importance?Or just a secondary one.
We also chose the new headteacher and the new subheadteacher.
I applied for the latter position with no success.
 I am glad my colleagues respect me as much as I respect them though and the person chosen for the position is someone I respect too. 
I guess it's a matter of who they know better and for more years.
We are starting the new school year in September with great hopes that it will be a good year. 
Unlike other schools we chose the headteacher we wanted unanimously.
 We will all be together again working in harmony.
 We finished the school year with dinner out and we were all together! It was great!
I am the person who always looks for the rainbow after the rain!
 I am glad I do!

Saturday 20 June 2015

A thimble exchange.

I don't collect thimbles although I do a lot of cross stitch and felt sewing.
Some time ago my friend Kim of Wisdom with needle and thread organized an exchange and I decided to take part! Thanks for organizing this Kim!
My exchange partner was Christy from Peru.(No blog)
I posted my parcel to Peru at the end of April.
This is what I included.
Two thimbles one from the Acropolis of Athens and one of the White Tower of Thessaloniki. Plus a fridge magnet of Thessaloniki and some Greek ouzo candy.
I am not sure if there was anything else in the parcel.I don't remember any more.
Christy posted her parcel to me at the beginning of May.
Some time at the end of May Christy and I started communicating daily by e-mail in Spanish (I know a little bit) and English (she knows a little bit) trying to understand each other and trying to realise what had happened to our parcels. She hadn't received mine and I hadn't received hers.
The funny thing was that we had both posted our parcels registered so we could follow them!
Her parcel to me finally arrived at the beginning of June after she had filed a claim.It took it one month and a week.
It was a lovely parcel filled with goodies.
Here is what she sent me!
 A card, a little bag with my monogramme and two thimbles from Nazca and Cusco in it, a fridge magnet,a DMC thread, some ribbon and fabric and some buttons. Thank you Christy for such a lovely parcel!
My parcel to her was showing on the tracking files that it had arrived at its destination Argentina!
I was shocked. I had the post office receipt that I had paid registered for Peru! So I too filed a claim. To which I have not received an answer yet!
But at last yesterday Christy recieved my parcel!HURRAY! It took my parcel almost two months to reach Peru and it was a registered parcel I had paid almost 10 euros only for postage for such a small parcel! I think that this was the last exchange I am taking part in I am sorry to say!
I also have mailed my Mail Art parcel and have received nothing in return not even a note that my parcel was received.
Postal services worldwide stink!And here speaks a lover of mail and postal exchanges!

Tuesday 16 June 2015

A book binding workshop

Last Saturday there was one more In My Closet workshop by sweet Anna in her cozy kitchen.
This time it was something we had expected for some time now.
A book binding workshop by the talented Eleanna of Aouts-pins blog.
As book binding needs patience, skill and time we were invited to split into two groups, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I chose Saturday, made some olive muffins and went happy that it would be great! And it was!
We were eight people. Eleanna was the teacher, and Anna was the hostess who made us amazing frapuccinos and a great lemon sorbet!
The two ladies had arranged and prepared the book binding kits with all the needed tools and fabric and papers.
Also there were Georgia,Kikitsa of DIYMyDay blog, Elsa, Christina  of Celdeconail, and Angeliki of pocolocini.
And of course Vasso of metodahtilostovaso brought sweets!
First we chose the fabric we liked.
That's mine and then we were taught the technique!
Eleanna made things easy for us and we understood all the instructions.
The results were fantastic! We all made great notebooks.
Here's mine.
If you want to make one just read Eleanna's blogpost here.
Anna and Eleanna thank you again for a great workshop!
But the weekend was not over.
On Sunday we went to see what the antique market had to offer at their flea market.

I didn't buy anything as I didn't find something to really really want!
Of course coffee with the family followed.
And then I made Chinese food at my wok! Delicious!
On Sunday evening I attended an amateur group theatrical performance at our neighbourhood church where many old colleagues and mothers of former pupils took part!It was a hilarious play and we really enjoyed it!

Monday 15 June 2015

The end of the school year

Here we are at the end of another school year.
Time flies.
It was a good year.
I was more relaxed, I had good pupils and good colleagues.
This week we had the final festivities.
The Physical Education teachers did some exercises at the playground. It was fun.
Schools finished today. And the summer holidays begin on Friday! We still have a couple of days to go and arrange things, paperwork mainly.
In general I am working on various things that I cannot show yet.
In the evenings we always end the day with a relaxing walk at the sea front with Barca.
Sometimes the sunset is breathtaking.

And sometimes we are awesticken.
 Like when the night and the day were in the same view!
This week we had elections at school for the new headmaster and we elected the one we wanted which is good. We also had elections for our representatives.
This week I went out with some girl friends to celebrate the success of one of them.
It's great when things get into place and sail smoothly just like a beautiful boat.
We also went to a book presentation. It is the book Ahyat Anhar by Maro Karga.Our Drama Club presented the book and we attended.
The writer.
The book is already in my reading list for summer. I even prepared the bag with all the books I am taking to the beach house to read for the readathon15 that I have joined. I still have 13 books to read till the end of 2015. I am sure I will manage.
I'd like to thank you all for your comments. I answer directly those that are connected to an e-mail address and I simply join the blogs of the rest of the people who leave a comment and leave comments on their blogs!