Sunday 18 September 2011

My nameday.

In Greece people celebrate their birthdays but also their namedays.The nameday is the day when their patron saint celebrates for the Christian Orthodox Church.
Although I was named after my Grandmother and she was given an ancient Greek name there is a celebration for a saint by that name for the church on the 18th of September.
Some close friends and relatives know my nameday and gave me phonecalls.My best friend Gia with her family visited me yesterday. I spent the day with my hubby and son out for lunch and then the rest of the day I answered phonecalls and talked as much as I could till the next phonecall!
Here are a couple of photos from today's lunch out and walk.
 Courgetteballs,green salad,potatoes.
 Snails before and after...........
 Grilled fish.

 To elliniko is the name of the restaurant.

 After lunch we happened to see the Antique car gallery in front of the Mayor Hall.

 The mayor was in a car.

 I love that wall at the new Mayor Hall and it is a great background for photos.

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