Tuesday 28 July 2015

Mail Art Swap

Some time ago Ingrid of miistitch organized a mail art exchange.
I got fascinated with it because I love mail and cross stitch so a combination of the two sounded perfect.
I hadn't done that before so it was quite challenging for me.
Here's what I made.
The stitched piece.
 Folded and with a beautiful linen sent to me by Ingrid some time ago.
 The front with stitched stamps, post mark, address and Diana. I used patterns from an old Le Idee di Susanna cross stitch magazine. I adapted the patterns for the stamps.I wanted a Greek theme.
 The back.
I also sent some aida fabric. threads, a pair of earrings, and a handmade shadow puppet figure bookmark made by hubby.
 And some buttons in a handmade little booklet.
 Unfortunately up to now the recipient of my mail Evalina has not acknowledged receiving it. Although I sent her e-mails and left comments on her blog she hasn't answered. I hope she is ok. I know my parcel was delivered because it was registered and I tracked it down.
Edit: Finally I got a message from Evalina who was away and has received my parcel. I am so glad she loved the contents.
Here's what I received through this exchange. Such a lovely parcel arrived all the way from far away Malaysia from dear Lillie.
 A lovely stitched envelope.
 Filled with lots of gifts, lace, threads, a crochet bookmark flower, a needle book,postcards and local coffee.
Thank you so much Lillie for everything you sent me and thank you Ingrid for organizing this.


Continued from previous post. More photos with my underwater camera Panasonic Lumix.
The Deep.

I am really enjoying playing in the water with the camera.

Monday 27 July 2015


Years ago hubby had bought me an Olympus. It finally broke down.What a pity.It was such a good popcket camera. As I have a good mobile I wasn't going to buy a new camera. Hubby has his DSLR and I am happy with my Samsung A3 quality of photos. But a couple of months ago the local Public had an offer for a camera that can be used underwater as well and that rang a bell. I always wanted an underwater camera so I bought it as it had a very good offer price.
 Here you can see it in the water waiting for me to wear my mask. It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT25.The price you can find it now is double unfortunately.
I admit that the photos out of the water are not impressive. But I really like having a camera underwater and taking all kinds of strange photos in the water and from the water. Also maintenance is easy. You go back home and put it in tap water for a few minutes and then dry, that's all.
Here are some photos I took with it.
Sea glass.
 A dive in the deep
 Fish and the surface from underneath
 There is an octopus in there.
 A rainbow
 Me and my Crocs
 Urchin and bubbles

 It's better when there is sunshine

 Spot the fish
 Big stones
 From the sea towards the beach.

 Another fish
 And what's this?
 Another rainbow
 I love reflections

 Barca wants to swim

 Hey mummy....
 I think a shark is coming!


(To be continued!)