Saturday 27 September 2014

Because some things should be celebrated.

My cousin from Athens and her daughter were in town and we had fun together. We found the chance to celebrate for my son's entering the University too!All the best in your life my love!
 We also celebrated my brother and sister's wedding anniversary! All the best guys! I love you!

We also celebrated my cousin's birthday with the most delicious caramel cake! 
Happy birthday cous!All is well!
And back to our performances.
We are performing this Saturday and Sunday in Athens.
That's a great success for the Teachers' Association Drama Club. We will be happy to see you there!

Saturday 20 September 2014

When time isn't enough....

then you just have to leave out certain things from your daily life. So I left out blogging and cross stitch in order to manage everything else.
I am still paying for being away all summer!  Hopefully things will get back to normal.
For the time being I am hoping to blog once a week at least.
So my news so far.
Schools started and things are going ok. This year the good news is that all teachers and books are in their place so we started teaching from the very first day.This year I am teaching English to 2nd, 4th and 6th graders. So far so good.
My son enrolled in his Universiity and will soon start lessons.
We played our children's play last Friday at Drymos.It was fun!
Barca is doing better after taking medicine for her dermatological problem.
Hubby and I have been decluttering and cleaning the flat as we are going to have visitors for a week, my cousin and her daughter. So we will be busy.
Unfortunately not everything is good in this world.
Alexander,a former student, the age of my son, died of a bad illness. His parents, such brave people, donated his beautiful eyes to live in two other young people. The funeral was a lesson of courage.
There was another funeral last week of a dear friend of my mother's.
And the weather keeps raining and raining and raining. Still there is beauty around......I spotted this beautiful red dragonfly in the school playground!
 See you soon I hope!

Friday 12 September 2014

Acting again!

For my local readers.
Today at 9 o'clock in the evening we are presenting our children's play "Koutornithia" at Tsoukes theatre in Drymos village outside Thessaloniki! Free entrance!
Those who haven't seen it yet please do come!

Thursday 11 September 2014

9/11 the endless tears

I am starting my U.S.A. travel log with the 9/11 memorial and museum in New York to pay my respect to the thousands of people who lost their lives there and to their families. Photos by hubby and me. 
The moment we stepped out on the square that now holds two huge fountains on the place where the two towers were standing I was breathtaken with sorrow. Speechless, crying, bringing back the moment I returned from school that afternoon of September, 11th, 2001 and watched on TV live the second plane crashing on the tower and then the towers collapsing. I can never forget.
Seeing those huge fountains each as big as the footprint of each tower, deep and black and with the constant running water, I was overtaken by tears. Tears like the endless tears in people's lives.

 And all around carved on black granite the names of the casualties with the occasional rose or cross to show that some relatived passed by.

 And then we visited the museum about which so much controversy errupted.

 We left with so much sorrow in our hearts and the hope that terrorism, no matter where it comes from,will cease to exist.