Saturday 30 April 2011

At the end of April.

This is the 1st May weekend but since schools begin on Monday we decided to stay at home and not go to our summer house.But I couldn't stay in not in such great weather anyway so we walked to the city centre,had a light meal out and returned.
Here are a couple of photos.
Unfortunately there was an awful orange coloured hue on the sea surface. I am not sure what it was.
 It could be a painting if it is not environmental pollution!
 I only had a salad and some sweet red wine.
 Outside the New Municipality Building there is a poster of Thessaloniki being the candidate city of European Youth Capital of 2014.
 That's my new pendant, a gift from my friend Margrit in Istanbul. You will read about her in the Istanbul 3 blogpost when I write it.
 And since the blue wall of the Municipality Building is beautiful I had some pics taken.
I have seen models being photographed there.Not that I am a model but you can have fun with my clothing!Dior sun glasses 7euros and  Street Fashion Prune Style bag 12 euros bought from street sellers.(I know I shouldn't be supporting that type of trade but they are the ones whose goods I can afford.)
Olsen Key West blouse 8 euros from a friend's stock of seconds.Jeans 7 euros from last year's Aghios Mamas open market.(That's a big open market that takes place for a week in September near my summer house).Boots Voi&Noi 24 euros and I love them!

 And of course some dandellion photos.

In case you are looking for some beautiful artwork of Latin American artists you can have a look at LAMA. They are closing down and are having 70 % off. I had bought two exclusive Geninne prints from them and two felt birds by Tanya Aguiniga and they are lovely.
Also there is a great fourth blogversary giveaway of dear Edgar in Blacksheep's bit of the web so maybe you want to take part.
Have a great first of May!

Thursday 28 April 2011

Istanbul 2

Second day of our stay in Istanbul.
The sun shone through the curtains.Isn't the rail of the window beautiful?
The breakfast buffet was very rich. I also enjoyed the soup-this one was yoghurt,rice and spearmint soup! Delicious and so good to start a long day!
We walked from our hotel Golden Age 1 through Taxim Square...
...passed in front of Aghia Triada Greek Orthodox church...
and reached our first goal.
First we paid a visit at the Zappeion Greek School.I was so emotional.Our students presented songs and dances and so did the children of the school.There are about 100 students left there.After speeches we exchanged gifts and attended a small ceremony.
Our students sitting at the stairs of Zappeion.
The ceiling at the school.
The ceiling and chandelier at the ceremony hall.
Then we went on a cruise on the Bosphorus. I have done this before and so much enjoy sipping my tea and seeing the European and the Asian bank of the Bosphorus with the fantastic buildings,palaces and castles.
A local simit seller just before we embark.
The turkish flag flying at the ship...and everywhere in Istanbul.
My son looking at my tea.The Turks drink a little glass of tea many times a day.It is called demlik tea.It is a little thick tea and then they dillute it with hot water.
Great taste.
The Dolmabahce Palace
I have been there in my previous visits.It is gorgeous from the inside as well.
The Ciragan Hotel(previously a palace).
The Ortakoy under the bridge.
We had a mackerel sandwich as soon as we got off the ship.Delicious!

Then we attended a ceremony at the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople where we met the Patriarch Bartholomew himself who talked to us and listened to the song we sang for him.
Greek-Turkish friendship flags outside the Patriarchate.
 A smart way to plant roses outside the Patriarchate.
 The Ecumenical Patriarchate.
 Church of Saint George at the Patriarchate.
Patriarch Bertholomew.

Then we went to Misir Carsisi(The Egyptian Market or Spice Bazaar) where all kinds of food and spices are sold. We unfortunately did not have enough time to spend there but we really enjoyed  taking photos of the buildings as Yenicami here...
the colourful delicious lokum(Turkish sweet delight)....
...the colourful dried fruit....
...hanging dried goods...
...colourful dishes....
 ....of course we tried the lokum everywhere!
More sweets...
....and hanging lights which I really adore!
...and lovely tulips outside the building....

In the evening we paid a visit to our friends' Aykut and Sehnaz's house.We met their family and they treated us to a lovely meal of various dishes. It was great to see their flat and all their great art.
We had lahmazun,Isli kofte and artichokes among other things.
 Great art everywhere...
 and my favourite Tiffany lamp.
You can find all kinds of great info about Istanbul and the places I visited with tour guides and videos here.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Easter weekend-3 (food and decoration)

Apart from walking the beach and enjoying nature we of course went to church and we had some good food.
I also did some decorating and at last put photos and art prints I had framed on my walls.
Greek salad in the garden.
 Tsoureki ready to be eaten.
 My breakfast,hard boiled Easter egg,tsoureki and coffee.The mug is a vintage Churchill England mug of my dear dad's.
 Our Easter lunch,Greek salad,Easter eggs,barbequed goat ribs and fresh barbequed bread.Oh yes and some retsina.
 A similar dinner on Easter Monday.Various barbequed meats and potatoes of course.
 I added my Turkuazoo Aquarium glass globe to my collection.
 At last I had Margie's of Resurrection Fern photos framed. I had won these on her giveaway a long time ago.

 I also added my dad's in memoriam cross stitch next to Geninne's boat prints.

And in another wall I put a collection of 9 prints of how boats were born. I have had these for many years and I had only four of them framed in one frame but decided to use all of them and cover a wall.

This weekend I finished reading my son's latest literature book.It was Voula Mastori's "Boys' whispers". It was fun reading how a teenager feels his age and the changes in his life.