Saturday 25 June 2016


Raku means enjoyment and it is a very old technique in ceramics.
Today we had the rare experience to do a Raku workshop with my ceramics class.
In fact we were students of all the years in the George Vavatsis ceramics workshop I have been attending this year.
The workshop took place at Nondas Tsigaros space at Kilkis and we enjoyed the hospitality of Nondas and his wife Zoumboulia. We really liked the place there.
We had the chance to see some of Nondas' work too.
 Very impressive!
 I had left this tealight candle holder for the raku session.
 There were many beautiful pieces ready to be glazed and enter the kiln.

 And at that point my piece was dropped and broke!Sigh!
 While waiting for the pieces to get out of the kiln we had a barbecue!
 It was delicious!
 The kiln was really hot!
 Then each piece was taken out and put in various materials and then in water.

 The results were impressive!

 My piece. I couldn't let it go so I will glue it!

 But I also brought home the rest of my pieces. Wall tiles, sea glass bowls,olive bowl, mushroom,mug.
 And last but not least my dragonfly vase!Isn't it gorgeous?
 It was a great year at the ceramics class. I learnt so much and really want to continue. We will see.
I would like to thank George Vavatsis and his assistants Ifigenia and Georgia for what they have taught me!It has been great fun!

Tuesday 21 June 2016


This is my last post in Our Beautiful World till September.
It is very difficult for me to blog from the beach house with restricted internet access.
This week's promt is
chosen by Kisrty of  Handmade Little Things.
I chose for this blogpost to show you the old beautiful pieces of African Art that were exhibited in Tellogleion Institute in March.
All the pieces are from the private collection of Anastasios Levendis who lived and worked in Western Africa.
Old works of art ...
...made of metal....
 old paintings.....

 pictures made of beads.....
 thousands of beads.....

 paintings made of threads......


 more metal sculpture....

But this horse was my favourite....
Why don't you join us with something old in Our Beautiful World?
Also Our Beautiful World is doing a DT call, so if you would like to join in see here.

Sunday 12 June 2016


Today's prompt in Our Beautiful World was chosen by me and it is
I wanted this word to make at last a blogpost about a beautiful exhibition I had seen back in January at Tellogleion Institute.
It was a textile art exhibition by Voula Masoura and Yiota Andriakaina.
Isn't Voula Masoura's work amazing? These pieces are huge!
The Four Seasons

All pieces are handwoven.

There are all kinds of different types of texture on her work.

There was also a part of her blue and white glass vessel private collection which of course I adored.

Yiota Andriakaina's work was different.  There were knitted pieces....
and embroidered pieces.

And there were also these pieces of art made of little balls of yarn.

Have a look at this short video hubby took of Andriakaina's work.

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