Sunday 30 September 2012

Flowers and sea glass

I had a fun weekend. I will show you tomorrow.I hope you enjoyed yours.
Here are a couple of photos I took last week.
This plant suddenly grew in one of my pots and its blooming with these strange flowers. Does anyone know what it is?

 A little fellow is living in my balcony.
 I arranged some sea glass in this lovely bottle.

 I bought this violet.
 Don't you love those sea glass decorations Juliana and Lynne have gifted me with?They are there all year long.
I have disabled word verification after June's suggestion(thanks dear!)so that it is easier for people to leave comments. So I only keep comment moderation. Do leave comments;I love reading them. I still have no other way to answer them but through the next posts or directly to your e-mail.
Have a great October!I can't believe it is already here!

Saturday 29 September 2012

Last weekend-at the little house on the prairie

I am sure you all watched Little House on the prairie when you were kids. I did and I loved it.
Anyway my best friend Gia and her husband recently managed to built a house quite far away from the city centre to house their love and four children. It is a beautiful house in the fields and all around it you can find trees, plants, flowers and pets.
We went there last Sunday morning to enjoy the day. It was fun!
At first we visited my Godson's little sea museum. He and his siblings collected shells and rusted metal parts from the beach where a ship had sunk about fifty years ago.

Then we walked around the farm with Gia seeing all the different plants. Strawberries...
Olive trees...
Walnut tree...
Olive trees...
More meow...

Walnuts gathered....

And inside the house paintings by a relative...
My cross stitched piece gift for the new house.
I loved the colours in this one...

Almonds and walnuts...
We went away with a generous portion of quince and walnuts and almonds from my friend.

Friday 28 September 2012

Last weekend-at the beach and a wedding

Last weekend was filled with things to do and places to be and people to see.
So before we come to this weekend's adventures here are a couple of photos from the previous one.
On Saturday morning we went to the beach house to close it for the winter. I had to do cleaning and emptying the fridge but managed a short walk at the beach as well although we did not stay long.
Well I have to start from my neighbour who planted a tree which in due time will block some of my sea view(why don't people take into account their neighbours?) His other plants though that don't block my view were absolutely gorgeous. His yuka plants are blooming!Why mine isn't?And why did my little olive tree die?

The sea was rough and not much to be found due to the waves.
 Tourists are still around....

 I love that shiny surface.
 I found a little bit of sea glass.

 I finished this fantastic book that weekend.
Saints and Demons by Giannis Kalpouzos. It is a historical novel about my birthplace Constantinople.
I had also read his other book Imaret which was excellent too.
 And returning back in the evening to the city we went to our drama club director's son's wedding at the municipality hall square.
 The lady who makes our drama club scenery for the stage had arranged all the beautiful lanterns and plants.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Strike and demonstration

Today it was a strike day in Greece. All sectors public and private were on strike. Of course not all people went on stike but a lot did. And a lot went to the demonstrations. I decided to go on strike and miss more than 80 euros from my next salary but one has to fight somehow in order to stop or reduce all those inhuman measures that the government has imposed on us.
Hubby and I walked for more than four hours all around the city centre demonstrating along other groups of teachers and other workers.
The day was sunny and hot and it was great meeting fellow colleagues from other schools demonstrating along and seeing the streets filled with people.
 Of course as always I loved taking pictures and especially of the beautiful buildings of the city centre.
 Here is the Forum.

 Saint Demetrius Church
 Look how many people and more that you cannot see.

 Some took precautions against gas weapons from the police but thank God in Thessaloniki there were no problems or fights with the police.
 Taxi drivers took part in the demonstration too.
 Raise your hands against the unfair measures.
 Nice fountain.
 The Minsitry of Northern Greece where all demonstrations end. Among the people Teacher Dude the photographer and Englsih teacher whose blog Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ  I follow. If you want to see photos of my city and objective reports about the situation in Greece you can follow it too.
 The White Tower the landmark of my city after the demonstration.