Friday 31 May 2013

June already!

It seems that time flies and I am unable to reach/write my blog as often as I would like!
What am I doing these days?
Well school is coming to its end so we have lots to do there. And some spring cleaning is taking place in our flat.
Of course my son is sitting for his entrance University exams therefore we have to deal with that "nuisance"!
And lots of rehearsals and performances are taking place! In contrast to other years this Spring we have more performances so not much free time.
I admit I spend a lot of time on ....the Internet, reading blogs, looking at Instagram and etsy photos, and on facebook of course!Too bad! But we won't have this chance at the beach house so I will do more intellectual  creative things there hopefully!
Tomorrow it is June and time to show you the page from that vintage book I had found.
I remembered that I hadn't shown you the May page either so here they are.
Remember to come back tomorrow for a shop update and a giveaway!

Thursday 23 May 2013

Featured on Sea Glass Journal

It has been a very long time that Gary de Blois and I had talked about a sea glass piece of mine to appear on his online Sea Glass Journal.
I am so glad that after twice sending my text and photos finally I am there on the front page.
You can see it here.

Sea Glass Photo of the Week

This is how the article appeared on the Journal.

Sea Glass Photo of the Week

Mellow Yellow!
Ariadne, Greece: This gem was found at a beach in Chalkidiki peninsula, an area of sea resorts in Northern Greece near Thessaloniki. I went for a walk with my husband, son and brother's family.
While walking and looking for sea glass on a lovely warm, sunny day my hubby bent down to pick something up. I was eager to see what it was and I jumped for joy when I saw it.
It is my first ever yellow and it was perfect, not at all broken, and so big! I was so happy that I said out loud "You deserve a kiss!" and kissed him.
Every one laughed and he was impressed by the fact that I get so happy with such simple things in life!
Journal: That's a beautiful gem Ariadne! One of the more enjoyable aspects of sea glass collecting are the memories that are attached to our special finds.

I am so glad Gary featured this after all. Thanks Gary!
Do go on his Sea Glass Journal for lots more featured sea glassers and fantastic sea glass pieces.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

What the mail brought

That lovely doggy birthday card from Marabeth had also arrived on my birthday.Thanks Marabeth.
And more parcels.
...that made Barca happy too.
With lovely stamps from Hong Kong.....

And this lovely book  by Carole Lambert filled with sea glass crafts that made me even happier. Thanks Tina for giving me one as a gift!You are so kind.
These are some of the crafts in it that I liked.

And here is a parcel that arrived from Gina Argyrou of Agapiseaglass from Rhodes. She was so kind to surprise me with some lovely sea glass, great pottery and a marble!
Thanks so much Gina and once again I am really sorry for the loss of your Angel puppy!

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Sea glass gifts from Scotland

This had arrived for my birthday in January and I have not aknowledged it properly in my blog. So here is a big thank you to Juliana and John for the lovely things they sent us, Barca included!)

Saturday 18 May 2013

Barca of course

The easiest and most favourite of my themes in blogging is talking about my dog and showing you her adventures!
Hello pal!
Wow new shoes! (in winter)

You've got mail....(again!)

At a restaurant sitting outside for Barca's sake...
Meeting more friends at the sea front walks....
Enjoying gifts from far away (thanks Marabeth!)
I will be nice...please let meet sit here!
Why have you been moving this huge animal around in the living room?
I love Miltos and his bed!He is the only one in the family allowing me to sleep on his bed!
I love the sunshine....

And I love being part of ...all... your photos....
With Alpi once again...I really love this little fellow....
Am I beautiful or what?
Hey give me some cornflakes......!

Friday 17 May 2013


Thank you all for your kind good luck wishes for my son's exams.
Today I will show you lots of frames. Some I have made myself and some were custom ordered. I love frames on my walls. Unfortunately I don't have many walls and now not even any free walls.
First a vintage cross stitch piece that my friend Marabeth sent me from a thrift store!(I love American thrift stores!) Unfortunately when I washed it the red colour bled. 
So I coffee died it.
And then framed it in a vintage frame I found on the curb.

Here you can see Barca with a watercolour painting my friend Ian sent me from England which I framed in a vintage frame I found at an antique store.

And here's one more cross stitched piece I made this summer and had framed.
Finally a print with its frame from the 70's I bought very cheaply at the antique market recently and had renovated a bit.
If anyone knows who the artist is please let me know.The signature is Frosar.