Wednesday 30 November 2011

My childhood cross stitch.

I was cleaning up some cupboards and here's what I found among other things. A very old cross stitch piece that I had made in Primary School. I had learnt cross stitch from my grandma Ariadne but we had a Housekeeping Teacher at school who was teaching us how to do cross stitch,too.
My mum gave it a good washing as there were some stains on it from old time. You can even spot mistakes I had made in counting.
I am thinking of framing it. What do you think?

 Here it is with Margie's stones.

A gift delivered.

I hope not every one thinks that I only receive gifts.
Gifts and parcels are being given,posted,sent,delivered but some are personal and some are not handmade so I am not going to show these unless they are something really different.
Last weekend my cousin Platon was visiting the city to attend an Archaeological Conference. We didn't see him as much as we would like as he is also the Godfather of my son but we managed to spend a couple of hours together. I decided since it was his nameday as well to give him a handmade gift so I stitched these and framed them for his kitchen as he loved tea pots so much.

 I found the design in an old issue of Labores del Jogar, a magazine from Spain I used to buy years ago which has fantastic designs for cross stitch especially.

 It was very early on Sunday morning when we went to the airport to say good bye to my cousin who was leaving for Athens.That day I saw both the sunrise and the sunset!It was amazing!
 Platon always finds very clever gifts. Here is a series of pens for all of us! I kept them to show and use them at school with the little ones.

Sunday 27 November 2011

THE gift....

I have been really very very busy lately and I know my blogging is just adding photos and writing a few lines but the end of the year is absolutely really difficult.
Having a performance with the Teachers' Drama Club on the 26th December we are on the last rehearsals and they are tense and strenuous and very very regular. On the other hand I have to finish my last details for my seminar which was moved for this coming Friday and Saturday. Amidst all these I have in my mind to write Christmas cards and prepare parcels and get ready for the Christmas celebration at school and I still have done nothing.
So I am taking it slow on my blog and you are still reading about things that happened earlier in the month of November.
So unexpectedly in November I received a fantastic handwoven woolen Turkish carpet from a dear couple of friends (who are like relatives to me) from Turkey. Margrit and Bulent had been visiting this summer and we had a great time together,we always have. And this is what they sent me as a gift. I LOOOOOOVE it and it absolutely suits my living room. Thank you so very very much!

Thursday 24 November 2011

The kindness of people (6)

It's Thanksgiving in the States! So I am taking the chance to wish my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving!
I am also taking the chance to show you more of the kindness I received recently!
Thank you Kim for the lovely things you sent me from the Sea Glass Festival. You know how much I love sea glass!
The parcel included the poster of the 2011 NASGA Sea Glass Festival,bookmarks,the programme and lovely cards made by sea glass friends.

The kindness of people(5)

I love Margie's crocheted stones and I recently received one as a gift! Thank you so very much dear friend!
Margie has a fantastic blog, Resurrection Fern, which has been my inspiration to start my own blog. You know how we sometimes wonder how people we get to know through the Internet are in reality. Although I have never met Margie in person and probably I never will as she lives in Canada and me in Greece I am sure she is one of those really special people who walk this Earth!
Margie took the time to make this stone into a beautiful parcel accompanied by a handmade stamped card.

 The crochet thread was dyed in indigo.
You can find her stones and fantastic photos in her etsy shop knitalatte. And hurry because there is a discount now.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

The colours of the rainbow.

I really enjoy teaching first and second graders this year for the first time after many many years. I download material from the site of the Ministry of Education. I spend a lot of time preparing things for the little ones and  quite some money,too. But I really enjoy singing and dancing and making things with them and it is so satisfying when they scream with joy when they see me. That's the fascinating part of teaching!
Here is the English corner in the 2nd grade.Words in English around us,pets and the rainbow.
 All classrooms  in my school have colourful curtains that filter the sunlight gorgeously and when there are decorations on the windows they look beautiful through.

 The rainbows of the first graders.
 I punched colourful butterflies and gave them to the kids to sing and fly with.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

The kindness of people (4)

My dear Edgar whose blog I have been following for a very long time was so very kind to send me this lovely excellent chocolate that I could not find here. With dark chocolate, caramel and black sea salt! A strangely delicious taste!But I adored the wrapping which will be turned into a frame soon!Isn't this Oz card beautiful,too?Thank you Edgar!

Monday 21 November 2011

Olympic Museum

In the beginning of the month we went on an educational half day trip with my school.
We visited the Olympic Museum where we saw a temporary exhibition about the History of basketball in Greece and then we attended a theatre performance about the correct raising of cattle in farms. It was very interesting!

 The children attended the guided tour with great interest.

 I loved the key chains and pins!

 Greece, my all time favourite basketball team!

 Nick Galis, the best Greek basketball player!

 ARIS Salonica,a  great Greek basketball team.

 Beautiful athletic paintings are all around in the Museum.
 The performance.

 The Kaftantzoglion stadium outside the Museum.

A Flower Fairy card arrived at its destination and the winner is...

I made this Flower Fairy card some time ago for Karen D., a sea glass friend in the States who loves Flower Fairies like I do. I used printed papers with Flower Fairies that my friend Cathy from England had sent me a long long time ago.
And that's the end result. Karen received the card so I can show you now.

It has a 3-D effect.

 As you have noticed only three people commented on my giveaway so I only chose among those three and the winner is ....Pesky Cat Designs! Congratulations!
Please contact me with your address details so that I can post your ornament!Thank you all three for taking part!