Wednesday 31 October 2012

A long weekend away-Volos

Dear friends and readers,
I am again late in doing things and am behind in so much!Forgive me!I hope I will manage to catch up and not keep silent from my blog for so long again!
For my American readers and friends I hope you are all fine and had no problems with Sandy storm.
So my latest news.
Last weekend was a national holiday here in Greece and especially in Thessaloniki.
On the 26th is the day of the protector Saint of our city Saint Demetrius and 100 years from the freedom of our city from the Turks and on the 28th is the No Day of the Greeks against the Italians when we entered the Second World War.
Schools were closed on Friday in our city so we left after the celebrations at school on Thursday for Skiathos island after an invitation by my sea glass friend Frieda.
As boats are not frequent for Skiathos we had to spend a day at Volos, where my niece studies at University there. Volos is a lovely city with a beautiful landscape all around it.
On the way to Volos, crossing the Tembi valley.
 At Volos a beautiful balcony ceiling.
 Volos has beautiful architecture, some buildings are well preserved but some aren't.
 Its sea front promenade is excellent with lots of yachts and cafes.
 And at the port you can see fishing boats....
 and a replica of Argo the legendary Jason's boat.

 Don't you love this boat and mushroom?
 The University of Volos.
 Me on the bridge.

 Enjoying the sun and coffee at the sea front.
 Graffiti on the walls of old buildings.
 Saint Nicholas church.
 A visit to Volos is not complete without tsipouro with meze(appetisers).

Crossing to Skiathos island on my next blogpost hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Bought at the antique market.

I showed you in my previous blogpost what I saw at the open air antique market that takes place once a month in my neighbourhood park.
Here is what I bought from there. I tried to keep things cheap and chic! Didn't have much to spend!
Kenneth Grahame's The wind in the willows, Anatoly Rybakov's The Dirk, an old law book from the fifties, a story that mentions shadow puppets and a little booklet about Macedonia,by Manolis Andronikos.

That's Ariadne and Dionysos
Hues of blue
 Johnsons porcelain

A blown glass dish

Coasters with ships
Opal ashtray

All these for very little money.

Monday 22 October 2012

At the antique market

On Sunday morning it was the monthly open antique or flea market that takes place in a park near my house.
This event started in May and the mayor allowed it only to happen four times in the summer and we only went in two of thhose. When they saw how happy the people were to look around this they decided to continue it so till the end of the year it will be every month. We missed the September one as we didn't know about it.The next two ones for the local readers will be on November 18th and December 23rd.
I didn't have too much to spend so I was careful. I found lots of beautiful old books and really would have loved to buy more but I decided to be very careful in my spending.
So here is what I got.
I warn you there are too many photos in this post!

Those lovely glasses are still there, they are too expensive to be bought.
Gorgeous lamps.

My mum's Singer.
Fantastic porcelain.
Great Venetian mask and embroidery.
This one was really strange. The Greek tsolias' hair is real hairs!
I loved this light blue porcelain shell.

Old tsarouhia
I loved that ship!

Those were really beautiful too. So much work on them!

A pile of embroideries.
Lovely vintage tins.
And among everything the star spangled banner.
This one was a very elegant kiosk.

Old records with traditional music.
Oh isn't this sewing box lovely?
Favourite spot.

And a small exhibition of uniforms and weapons of the Balkan wars.
I will show you what I bought in another post. Hope you enjoy the walk with me!