Thursday 27 January 2011

Milk.The Theatre.

This was the third consecutive week that we spent Wednesday at the theatre.
I love the theatre. I  have acted in two drama clubs in the past. First in The Bald Theatre of the English Department of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki.When I was a student there I was one of the founding members/look at page 7 on the link and acted in their first play and then in Dithyramvos Ex Amaxis the Teacher's Association Drama Club where I acted for 10 years.
Still we don't go to the theatre that often since tickets are really expensive.
We were lucky we were invited in today's performance of Milk, a play by Vasilis Katsikonouris,a teacher.
It is an amazing play and the four actors and actresses acting were fantastic. The author talks about a family of Russian immigrants, a mother with two grown up boys who settle down in Greece. The younger son has schizophrenia and the play shows the emotions and difficulties that the family encounters as being an immigrant and with the stigma of  a mental illness. I couldn't stop crying during the perforamnce. And I was especially touched by the absolutely talented Demetres Patsis who played the young ill man. Anna Vagena played the mother.It is going to be released as a film,too.
Today an interview I had given about the Teacher's Association Drama club appeared in the online magazine 10top. I know you can't read it since it's in Greek but at least you can see it. It is on issue 2,page 202-207   of the magazine.It is the last one on the contents column.
(I am sorry the links are in Greek apart from the first but I couldn't find anything better).
The photos are from various performances of the Teacher's Association Drama Club.
First,second and third pictures are from The Big Bam where I was playing Claudine.

 The white Persian Cat in The cats' garden.

And in Midsummer Night's Dream where I was playing Elena.
 I have also acted in Denekedoupoli.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there!

Seamaiden said...

Ariadne, these photos are fantastic! I love the images of you as the persian cat. :) The production of "Milk" sounds phenomenal. I hope it does come out in film so I can see it.

Marabeth said...

Great photos! I wished I could have read the interview. I tried getting it translated but wasn't successful.

Dream on the wave said...

Last summer the play Milk played in our little open air theatre on the island and I was lucky enough to be there and enjoy.
It was indeed a touching performance.

Ariadne said...

Yes Ian I wish you were there too.
I will try to translate it for you Marabeth.
I will let you know if it comes out in film form Seamaiden.
I am glad you enjoyed it too Dream.