Sunday 16 January 2011

Geography lesson.

I love sunny Sundays even if they are windy.
I had a herbal tea with my company of friends you had met here at a cafe near Methodius and Kyrillos Church. Saints Cyril and Methodius were brothers and missionaries who spoke many languages and transcribed the Slavs'oral alphabet into written form.
 It was fun to notice those yellow street lamps near the cafe and a lovely red VW beetle!
Then after lunch I took a Geography lesson. Sometime ago my friend Marabeth from Connecticut,U.S.A. sent me a DVD about the American landscape. This DVD was very informative. In just one hour and with only a couple of minutes for each State it presents the United States each State with its borders, mountains,  rivers,lakes,forests etc. It was great to see that some things I knew as Geography had always been my favourite subject at school.Some other info I have learnt via my many sea glass friends in the States. Anyway I know now why most American students don't really know much about the world Geography,they have to learn so much about their own country which compared to my little Greece is huge!Who could believe there is a swamp called Okefenokee?I love that name!
  I think that if I could choose to live in one of the States I would love it to be Maine or any of the smaller States all along the Atlantic coast.Michigan appealed to me too. Any landlocked States are not in my favour and I think I wouldn't ever choose to live in Idaho for example!(Sorry folks!)


Marabeth said...

Years ago, I was driving through Florida and went through the Okefenokee Swamp area. It was a rather undeveloped area. I stopped into a tiny little local store and asked if they had iced tea. They had never heard of that so they made some hot tea and put in gobs of ice. Talk about watered down iced tea. You would also love the Washington Coast on the Pacific side. But the states out on the west coast are so large and take forever to drive through. It's nice to be able to drive through several different states on the east coast since they are small. It gives the feeling of covering a lot of distance.

Ariadne said...

I loved the sound of the name of the Okefenokee swamp and had to look it up!