Saturday 29 January 2011

Yesterday it was my birthday!

And I did not manage to blog!Every time I tried to there was a phone call for my birthday or a message so I didn't have time enough to blog. I probably should try to write my blog at any point during the day and not in the evening as I have been doing up to now!
So yesterday in the morning my school went to the cinema to watch Tangled. What a great Disney movie!It is the story of Rapunzel but so well made in cartoons.I loved it ! Only I don't like this idea that blondes are the good ones in a movie and always the bad one or the witch has long black curly hair like mine!
 The cinema canteen got filled with the children buying sweets and popcorn.
 Inside the cinema it was calm and cozy and all the children were very quiet and enjoyed the movie.
Outside it was cold and rainy!
 This birthday had no visitors,no gifts,no birthday cake. I spent the whole afternoon and evening answering the phone,skype,e-mails and facebook messages. Thank you all for taking the time to send me your wishes!
                                                       Only my mum brought me roses and my brother sweets!
In the evening hubbie and I went to another New Year's pie cutting. This time it was in a beautiful restaurant called Ladiko (freely translated Oilbottle) organised by Koperti ,our friend's Kindergarten and Nursery School.
As you must have understood by now,it is a custom in Greece,for groups,firms,companies of friends,to cut their New Year's pie at some point at the beginning of the year in January or February and it is a chance to meet with colleagues,friends and chat and see well the New Year.And the lucky one gets the coin from the pie and a present.
Today,the day after my birthday was a cold day. In the morning we did something we wanted to do yesterday afternoon but with the phonecalls we did not manage to. We went to a shadow puppet theatre exhibition in the French Institute.
Hubbie loves the Greek Shadow Puppet theatre called Karaghiozis and he attends everything that has to do with it and collects figures and also plays the stories himself. The exhibition we visited had Greek shadow puppets as well as from other countries.Also posters from various plays and exhibitions.
 There were cardboard figures  and paintings of  shadow puppet scenery like this beautiful sarai (palace in Turkish).
 There were albums filled with pages of old books that showed shadow puppets.
 And colourful figures painted on animal skin like these Karaghiozis and Hatziavatis,the two friends.
 There were shadow puppets from around the world. This one was my favourite but unfortunately there were no details about it.
 Hubbie loves Karaghiozis.
 The details of the puppets are amazing.
 The black and white ones look really interesting behind the white sheet.
 There were posters of plays and books about Karaghiozis.
This one is of  a book about Karaghiozis who meets Little Red Rididng Hood and the Bad Wolf.
 These are puppets of the Indonesian Shadow Puppet theatre.
 They are amazing in their detail.
Last but not least a photo of me with my new hat!I love hats and caps but don't buy them often. I usually wear the same all the time. This one was on sale and hubbie promptly bought it for me when I said I like it!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for posting about the shadow puppets. I have never seen that before. The detail is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thought you had been busy, kept checking the blog :)
Love the hat!

Ariadne said...

Thank you ladies.You will see more of shadow puppet in future.

Marabeth said...

I agree...the details on the puppets are very intricate with all the cut outs/colors. It reminds me of the card you received from Gara.
You look lovely in your new hat.......great color. Now you need a lavendar sea glass pendant to wear with it.

Kids are the same everywhere going after the candy!!

Margie Oomen said...

you are so beautiful and that hat really becomes you. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many many more years of loveliness.

Ariadne said...

Thank you Marabeth and Margie for your wishes!I really like the hat,too.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

ooooh happy belated birthday, Ariadne !!
thanks for sharing your days & all these fantastic photos !
though they are not as fantastic as you with your new hat !
as we say over here, you have a "hat head", meaning you wear hats beautifully ;-)

Ariadne said...

Yes you got it Sonia,hats do suit me well!