Monday 17 January 2011

Poppytalk winter colours 2011-Monday red

It was a hectic day today and I got really very tired especially at home where I had to attend for hours at very serious plumbing problems at our block of flats being the administrator of the block.
I was happy to return in my flat in the evening and be welcomed by four parcels -which till I am writing now I haven't opened yet! I want to be calm and cozy and open them in my own peaceful corner and take lots of nice photos for tomorrow.
In the meantime I read about the Poppytalk Winter Colours 2011 project in Resurrection fern blog. Margie and other fellow bloggers always take part and post beautiful photos so I decided to open a Flickr account and take part as well. So here are my photos for red.Enjoy!
My old red Italian glass vase (a bazaar find) with my  lovely otchipotchi stones.
Looking inside the vase,dust and spider webs.
A very old alphabet sampler made by my mum's great aunt.
A stamped crossstitched poppies cushion made when I was a kid.
Napkins and a feaux flower at the cafe yesterday.
The VW Beetle outside the cafe.
A red crocheted heart from Prague.
Spanish tomatoes for my sauce.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

lovely reds, Ariadne, your vase makes me think of peppermint candy, which I love ;-) xoxo

Marabeth said...

I like this idea........the color of the day. The 2nd photo, looking inside your vase, is intriguing.

Unknown said...

Great idea,I like your vase!

Ariadne said...

Yes I love this vase too and I think it was a great bargain too.

Seamaiden said...

Ariadne, I love your posts with daily color themes - keep up the fun! :)

Ariadne said...

I love this game too!

Margie Oomen said...

the alphabet sampler is so beautiful