Friday 7 January 2011

First book read in 2011

I love books. I usually have one on my bedside table and read a bit before I go to sleep and I have one more in my bag because you never know when you will find some time to read (on the bus,while waiting at a queue or at a doctor's). Another of my New Year's resolutions is not to buy any book before I read all the unread ones I already have. I must do that not only because there is no more space in my flat for any more books but also because money is an issue. With all those reductions on our salaries last year and more are expected to come in 2011 one has to be serious about "wasting" on....things one already has many of! Books have become a luxury,too! good thing about newspapers in Greece is that they used to give lots of free DVDs and free books. So we have collected many of both and it is high time we watched all those DVDs and read all those books. We have stopped buying newspapers anyway.We hear the news on TV and verify them with lots of blog reading!
So one newspaper was giving a year ago the whole series of  Robert Van Gulik's detective stories. As I love the Orient I thought it would be a good idea to collect them and I managed to read the majority of them. I admit that I was really enthusiastic at first but after having read about five I realised that they are very similar in plot so if you have read a couple then they are very repetitive.This time I read The Lacquer Screen. I started it some time ago and there it is finished. My first read book in 2011.Good! I keep a notebook with the books I read every year and try to read more the next year to beat my own record. That's something my cousin S. taught me. I also try to read different styles of books so that I don't get bored. For instance one in Greek,one in English, a Greek author, a foreign author, a detective story, a romantic story, social literature etc. In between I read magazines to make things lighter.Oh yes I also bought glasses to be able to see better and read better. "Age does not come by itself alone" said the ancient Greeks, it brings company.

For those of you who didn't get enough of my Lemon Drop pendant arrival  here are a couple of photos with better light as well as some photos of my new sea glass frame. I loved the very cheap frames at  a supermarket and thought of mounting in them photos of sea glass I was sent by sea glass friends Sara and Dorothy and my own sea glass and then put them on my walls in my beach house.


Marabeth said...

I absolutely love that frame. It looks as if it is floating! Love the new you too!
Signe did an exquisite job on the lemon drop pendant. May you wear it proudly!

Seamaiden said...

Hi pretty lady! Love the pendant Signe made you! I wear my aqua beauty frequently, and now have a lime green pendant as well. She is so talented!
You look beautiful in your new glasses. :)
Hope you are having a lovely day. I'm home sick with the flu. :(
What fun...

Unknown said...

Thought of you today as I bought 3 english books!!! In a secondhand book shop!Have 9 boks waiting to be read....
Love your pendant, frames and new look!

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Nice to meet you my friend!
I'm so sorry for Becky.
She organised our pin pillow exchange. Thanks to her if we met...
Take care & keep stitching

Ariadne said...

Ladies I admit Signe's jewelry is my favourite piece up to now!And I am glad I managed to purchase it.Yours seamaiden are fantastic too.Signe is really talented.
Brigitte lets see who will read the more books in the year!A competition might make us both read more.
Petites yes I remember Becky organised the pin pillow exchange. I wish I could do better finishes to take part in more of them!It is such a sad event what happend to her family!