Thursday 27 January 2011

Seaglassing is addictive!

Today was so cold in the morning that the plants at school were all covered in mist that looked like snow!

I got warm later in the day with the consideration of a friend who was kind enough to send me a birthday gift.
Brigitte is from the Seychelles and she lives in France.We had lost touch but we are back in track again and I am so happy about it. She is one of the few pen pals I have met in person when she visited Greece.I introduced Brigitte into sea glass and she has been finding some great things some of which she shared with me!Isn't French sea glass lovely? And she also sent me a cross stitch magazine. She knows how much I love cross stitch! I will share pics of the inside of the magazine tomorrow when there is better light to take photos.
Isn't this stamp of hers on the envelope fantastic?
 Les Idees de Marianne is a French craft and crossstitch magazine that we don't get in Greece.
 Spot the kick up!
Isn't Brigitte's birthday card lovely? She added a heart shaped sea glass shard!Ah the luck of the novice!
And if you want to smile and feel better, go and watch this lovely short film (16 minutes) that dear Sonia blogged about. I watched it and it touched me so much!


Unknown said...

I enjoyed doing this little parcel, it was a real pleasure, and I'm happy you liked what I sent!
And yes, sea-glass is addictive, even hubby looks out for them!!

Kristin Dudish said...

What a thoughtful gift - such treasures!
(I love the heart)

Ariadne said...

I am sure everyone will start sea glassing soon Brigitte!
Thanks Kristin!