Saturday 15 January 2011

Chapter Marabeth.

This is a very big chapter in my life. Marabeth came into my life about two years ago when we met online through the sea glass sites we follow. Ever since we have been excahnging lots of e-mails daily,telephone calls, parcels,secrets,opinions,sad and happy moments,thoughts and emotions,family events,worries and irritations. We sip coffee together and skype. We enjoy each other's company really so much. I wish we manage to meet one day too, soon hopefully. I am financially unable to plan a trip to the States the next decade but maybe she will be able to come here to us.
Anyway one of Marabeth's parcels arrived today. It was a huge parcel filled with all kinds of beautiful little and big things from her country. I loved everything she sent,I always do. She tries to send me things we don't have in Greece so her gifts are always thoughtful,generous and original as well as really beautiful!
This time among other things she sent me a beautiful sea glass calendar she made especially for me with her sea glass photos. She takes great photos and has an excellent taste! I loved her photos and words in this calendar.She is a poet too! She also added two more calendars to show me parts of her State and its beauties. So in total she sent me three calendars. If we add to that the other two sea glass calendars I have received from other sea glass friends I could as Marabeth says wallpaper my bathroom. In fact I think it would be a great idea to wallpaper the wall behind my bed in my bedroom as I have seen in a hotel brochure and it would be great to have all those sea glass and sea related photos around me but I am afraid hubbie does not approve. Still I love all my calendars and have found the right use for each one!
Another really very beautiful gift was a lovely white milk glass dish filled with chocolate and m&ms wrapped in a lovely Santa towel. Till I take a picture the chocolate had decreased in quantity in the dish. We really don't have this type of dish here and I really loved that. It will present my sea glass beautifully as soon as the chocolate finishes which will be tonight I am afraid. I am eating and typing!LOL!
I don't need to  get into detail about all of Marabeth's gifts.I really enjoyed opening each one of them and it was like Santa came again!Thank you my dear friend!
Last night's movie on TV was Zhang Yimou's The curse of the golden flower which was very good if you like this type of movies. I love them.This movie had great colours and special effects and the golden embroidered flower on the silk organza that the queen was stitching captured my eye.If only I could stitch like that.
Tonight I rearranged my desk a bit and decided to use a digital photo frame hubbie was given as a gift some time ago from his students but never used. I uploaded lots of sea glass photos and have it next to my computer screen.It is great to take my eyes from the computer and see all kinds of beautiful sea glass photos. I will upload more photos soon. For the time being the photo of the sea anemone on the digital frame is by Lisa D Walker (Aka Feather) at and it is from Glass Beach in Fort Bragg,California ,the ultimate sea glass collectors paradise destination.Feather takes wonderful nature photos especially of sea glass at her beach. She has also written a book about it.
The photo on the computer is mine from my summer house bedroom.The two blue bottles were salvaged from the glass recycling bin and are sherry bottles. The sea themed decorations on them were added by me and are christening gifts. The boat is store bought.As for the other calendars around my computer, you will see more of them tomorrow.
Don't you love it when your desk is decluttered and organised? Well it won't keep like that for long!


Marabeth said...

You are quite welcome, dear friend. Hopefully, one day we will meet. Maybe I will win the lottery and fly your way!!

Ariadne said...

Or I will win the lottery and come to you and take you back!LOL!