Wednesday 5 January 2011

An arrival

I love buying handmade things,little pieces of someone's art, from etsy usually. Since I can't afford something expensive and since there is so much variety I can always find something beautiful. When a piece of art combines so much craftmanship and elegance along with a superb natural treasure like a gorgeous piece of yellow sea glass from the Carribean then the result is a mouthwatering lemon drop which I had to have and since it was reasonably priced I asked hubbie to oblige and buy it for me as my Xmas gift. I ordered it rather late for Xmas so for my good fortune hubbie forgot all about it and bought me a book, a diary (the flower fairies one) and a glass artifact from an interior decoration shop. All beautiful gifts and to my taste (I love books-especially in English, and diaries and the flower fairies and glass). So when today the pendant I ordered from Signe's shop arrived, hubbie was surprised that he had one more gift to pay for!LOL! I so much loved this last gift of his which I chose myself! It was much better than the photo of it when I first saw it in SeaGlassArtistsandCollectors and then at etsy. Signe did a great job!
Also today I got some prints I had custom framed. I always use the same framer in my neighbourhood and he is really good. I have made lots of frames at his shop and am always satisfied. I framed Picasso's Don Quixote print (which we had bought at the Picasso museum in Barcelona) and a watercolour painting of the Sagrada Familia which we bought from Octavio Ramirez, a street artist outside the
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. Since March 2010 that we went to Barcelona I only managed to frame them now. Bytheway if you have never been to Barcelona, do go!It is an open museum of Art! A lovely place.
I also framed a little counted crossstitch picture on plastic canvas of Noah's Ark I had made for my son some time ago (when he was a bit younger). I don't usually stitch on plastic canvas.
I would like to finish this post by forwarding you to the story of a man that touched me,such a heartwarming story. He was homeless and begged for money in the street in the States but he had a great voice.A reporter spotted him and the rest is history. You can see the story here.


Petites xxx et Cie said...

My Dear,
I've received your Christmas & Happy New Year's card, I'm blessed!
Many thanks Ariadne for your sweet attention.
(sorry for my bad english!)

Ariadne said...

Your English is very good,don't worry!

thea said...

loving your blog girl!! Your English is fabulous and your blog too!!

Big hugs!



Ariadne said...

Thanks Thea I was just telling the same to Francoise!LOL!