Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Today I walked about 11.5 km!

Today it was a strike day and a HUGE demonstration took place against the government and all the problems that have fallen on our heads and in our lives because of their awful financial and other policies.
We had to walk all the way from home to the city centre where the demonstartion started. We walked through all the major streets of the city and walked back home.
Here are photos taken during the demonstration.
I can't help but see beautiful things around me even during a demonstration!This fantastic orange painted old bike with the marvellous purple chrysanthemum was waiting for someone to take it for a ride!
 The wall of this building proves that all buildings in the city centre can become interesting rather than dull.
 The meeting point where the demosntration started.The Arch of Gallerius and the Rotunda(Saint George's Church).
 The Arch of Gallerius.
 Thousands of people........
 We start walking...........accompanied by the Minister of Finance.
 The Teachers' Drama Club members are holding shadow theatre puppets.
 Thousands of people.......workers, civil servants,students.......
 Saint Panteleimon Church.
 Karaghiozis and his son Kopritis hitting the Minister of Finance.
 All the group together.
 The weather helped so much.
 Stray dogs always follow.
 The Ministry Of Northern Greece.It is not a Ministry any more but holds various offices and is the seat of the General Secretary of Northern Greece.
 The actors of the National Theatre of Northern Greece on strike too with To be or not to be!!


Seamaiden said...

I've been following Greece's troubles on the news, Ariadne, and think of and pray for you often. ((hugs))

Marabeth said...

And...there you are with Themis at the edge of the crowd. I am happy to see you smiling.